Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Popcorn Surprise

Popcorn Surprise!

 My good friend Teenah at do it my way, or else  turned me on to this recipe over Easter weekend. She called it "Easter Bunny Snack Mix". Obviously, that name wont work year round.

Teenah asked her family that had tried it for name suggestions and they said it was so good, it was like Bunny Crack. Hmmm... not so kid appropriate. Not to mention the fact that I posted that I was making Bunny Crack on Facebook on Sunday and my mom turned it into some traumatizing demented thing I was making with real bunnies. So, that name went out the door.

Since this recipe has many variations and you can change the ingredients to your liking, I decided to call it Popcorn Surprise since what you get could always be a surprise.

Old Fashioned Whirley Pop
Teenah's recipe, and all the variations I am seeing all over Pinterest, call for microwave popcorn. However, I love - do you hear me LOVE - popcorn popped on the stove in my old fashioned Whirley Pop. Sure, it took a little longer than throwing a bag in the microwave would have, but for me it was worth the extra step(s).

The Recipe

The Popcorn
1/3  cup popcorn kernals
1 Tbsp Orville Redenbacher's Popping & Topping Buttery Flavor Popcorn Oil (I'm pretty sure any oil would work.)
2 Tbsp butter
Lightly salt

Put all the ingredients into the Whirley Pop, turn on the stove to meduim-high heat (we have electric stove so I turned mine on about 6), and slowly crank the handle until popping slows/ceases. Immediately remove from heat and put into large mixing bowl.

OR, just throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave and pop according to the directions.

The Surprise
1 heaping cup of pretzels
1 cup M&Ms
Anything else you may like - Peanuts, Reece's Pieces, almonds, dried fruit - whatever you fancy.
1 cup White Chocolate Chips (melt for coating)

After popping the popcorn, add all your surprise ingredients to the popcorn. In a perfect world, I would own a double boiler and that would be how I would have melted the white chocolate chips, but I don't have a double boiler so I read about how to melt white chocolate and it went in the microwave.

Melting the white chocolate
Put no more than 1 cup into a glass bowl. Change your microwave power to 5 and microwave for 30-seconds. Stirring after each 30-second interval until the white chocolate chips are melted.

Pour the melted white chocolate over the popcorn and surprise ingredients and gently stir so the white chocolate coats the ingredients. Spread over a wax lined cookie sheet and put it in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes to allow it to harden.  

Since I had just made my Cinnamon Chocolate Banana Cake recipe on Saturday (not to mention the SIL baked two sweet goodies too), I decided we didn't need all this yummy goodness in the house. So, I bagged it up and took it to work with me. It's been a hit as far as I can tell. No one has brought it back and complained yet, so that's a good sign, right? ;o)


  1. Yay! I'm glad it turned out good!

  2. That does look good friend! And I think the longer way of doing the popcorn probably really added to the taste! I wanna try it! I am not very keen on white know how I like mine. hahaha...But it still looks so good I want to try it!

    1. Bahahahaha @ the chocolate comments! Try it with regular chocolate. I bet it would be good... just might look a little off.

  3. nice recipe honey, i love popcorns!

    have a nice day!