Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cover and Pass

One thing you should know about me is I love almost all games. I say almost all because I don't really like the games I am not good at. LOL That's not true, even if I am not very good at a game, as long as it's fun and involves laughter, I will like it. I grew up in a card playing family, but I love a board game and LIVE for game nights with friends! 

I sound competitive, and I can be as long as it's fun competition. Once it gets serious, it's no longer fun. You should see my best friend's husband and I play the game of Sorry. It is cut throat and takes forever to finish a game, but it is FUN!

In my "A Week with Inez" post, I mentioned we played cards. One of the games we played was Cover and Pass. This game is one of my favorites, so I thought I would share the fun and give the directions. 

Players: 3+ or teams

You need three decks of cards with Jokers. (It is much easier to shuffle if all three decks are the same size.)

The game consists of 7 "rounds". Each round has a different goal and one more card than the last.

The rounds are:
  1. Deal 6 cards, get 2 sets of 3
  2. Deal 7 cards, get 1 set of 3, on set of 4
  3. Deal 8 cards, get 2 runs of 4
  4. Deal 9 cards, get 3 sets of 3
  5. Deal 10 cards, get 2 sets of 3, 1 run of 4
  6. Deal 11 cards, get 1 set of 7
  7. Deal 12 cards, get 1 run of 8
Once the cards are dealt the dealer turns over the top card from the stock pile and the player to the left of the dealer starts play. If the player wants the card the dealer flips up, they pick up the card and discard a card from their hand. If they do not want that card, they "cover" it with the top card of the stock pile and "pass" it to the player on their left. They then pick up the top card of the stock pile and play as normal, discarding as they see fit. (There should never be more than on card in the discard pile at all times.) This continues until one person has gotten rid of all their cards.

You want to wait to play your cards when you have completed all the runs and sets required for the round, don't play your runs and sets as you get them. Once a player is down on the board, the goal is to then get rid of the remainder of their cards. They do this by playing additional runs and sets of 3 or playing on what other players have laid down. (It is easiest if you just play the cards on what other players have laid down, rather than starting your own additional piles -- Points are not determined by the cards played.)

Wilds: Jokers & 2's are wild. In rounds 1-5 you may play one wild per run or set unless the wild is played as a "natural" - in other words, a two is played as a two, not a wild. In rounds 7 & 8, you may use up to three wilds, unless the 4th wild is played as a natural.

Once a player gets rid of all the cards in their hand, the round is over. The cards left in the other player's hands will count against them.*


Wild (Jokers) = 50
Wild (2's) = 20
Aces = 20 (may be played as high or low)
K-10 = 10
9-2 = 5

*If playing partners/teams, the team members/partner of the player that goes out, does not count the points left in their hand.

The player/team with the least amount of points at the end of Round 7 wins.

I hope you'll play. It's a lot of fun and guarenteed to bring hours of entertainment. K was not a huge fan of this game at first. She said the cards almost went into the campfire, but after playing with my mom and sister this last week, she is now a fan.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions. One of my most favorite people to play cards with, Ronnie Blue, says when there's a rule dispute, "Your house, your rules." You make the call, just remember to stay consistent. Happy playing!


  1. omg, i hella dont get it. lol ... but i'm sure if i played with you it would be a lot easier than how i imagined. lol... my favorite card game is grump. We used to always play with my grandma.

    1. :o) Games are always make more sense when you are actually playing them! You should email me the directions to grump!