Friday, May 4, 2012

Auntie Bear

We've all heard that saying about a momma bear protecting her cubs. Is there such a thing as an Auntie Bear?

Photo borrowed from internet.
I have no kids of my own. I would love to have them one day, but right now I just love everyone else's and then give them back to their rightful owners when I tire of them. I may just be an Aunt, but boy do I understand that Momma Bear instinct.

I'll never forget the first time my sister shared with me the story of my oldest nephew's first broken heart. I had tears streaming down my face and it even chokes me up thinking about it right now. I hate seeing loved ones hurt at any age, but there is something about watching someone you love have to learn those first lessons in heartbreak we've all learned at some point in our lives.

And now, my other nephew appears to be going through it. I don't like it. Not one bit! 

Here's how it went:

Sunday afternoon: I talk to my sister who tells me that my nephew has been "hanging out" with a girl, but they aren't dating. They want to take things slow. She's supposed to come over that night and take him out to dinner for a belated birthday dinner.

Sunday 5:48pm: Facebook post from my nephew - "When you cant wait for the moment to come and then it's cancelled a half hour before it happens." Dislike! 

Monday evening: I talk to my sister again. "She better have had a good excuse, I say." My sister tells me she did and she ended up coming over later that night with a present for him. Ok fine. We'll let this one slide.

Wednesday 7:44pm: Facebook post from my nephew - "High school relationships... Haha why do we even try?"  Dislike again, but I think... How wise of him. I'm pretty sure I never thought something like that in high school!

And then today, 2:27pm: Facebook post from my nephew - "Now you're just somebody that I used to know..." Did you hear it too? The breaking of his heart and the cracking of mine? Ugh!
I responded to him, ">:o( Dislike again! Do I need to come up there??"
His response? "Guess so...:(" Did you hear that again? That was my heart actually breaking! Not just cracking!

That Auntie Bear comes out in me! I just want to take all the kids I love into my "den", heal their sweet little hearts, and be able to promise them they'll never have to go through it again. But we all know that's not possible.

I don't know how all you parents are able to sit back and let your kids go through their life's lessons without over protecting them and more so - without kicking the asses of the people that hurt them!  The part of me that thinks I'm a bad ass comes out and wants to go find the person and.... and what? Give them dirty looks? Lord knows I could never physically hurt someone. Perhaps I could tear them down verbally, but then I would probably turn around and start crying because I felt so bad for saying the things I said. LOL I would never do anything of the sort, but man does it infuriate me!

I truly don't know how parents do it though! It makes me question my ability to be a parent. If I feel so passionately about it as an Auntie that I want to get in my car and drive 8 hours to get to my nephew, I can't imagine how his mom feels about it. Now I understand why my mom was the way she was when I had a bad friend or crappy partner.

I guess it's a good thing I live 8 hours away from my nephew. It gives the girl an 8 hour lead to either start running, or change her mind and make it right.


  1. Awwww... I'm sorry friend!! People suck!! I thought the picture of the bear was hilarious and me trying to picture you doing that. Hahaha... I hope everything works out for him and she realizes how awesome your nephew is and then he tells her no thanks I'm talking to someone else now... or something equally awesome. Stupid high school, and stupid people. >=(

    1. That bear is so how I feel on the inside! LOL

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    1. ME TOO! I am curious about what the rest of the CD sounds like!