Monday, October 31, 2011

Project Success!

A little while ago, I blogged about attempting to do these these little coasters and kept hitting road blocks. Between my cat shredding the tissue paper and printer drama, I was about to give up, but someone super rad left me a comment to please keep trying so I decided to keep at it.

I started a new job last week that I am not totally thrilled about. I am thrilled about the promotion because it means more money, but I loved my old job and my old boss. There's something to be said about being happy in a job, even if it is for less money. So leaving a job I actually enjoyed doing for a job that I am not sure what to expect makes me a little nervous.

On my first day, I was doing my usual in trying to find the silver lining in all things I don't think are very shiny, I realized along with the new job, comes a new printer. "Huh," I thought. "Maybe this printer will like printing on tissue paper." And.... YES! Yes it did! I was so excited I immediately sent a text to the wifey telling her to - "Clear off the table! I'm coming home and crafting!" (On a week night! *Gasp*)

I got some 4" x 4" Travertine tiles from Lowe's for like $4.55 cents. I am not 100% sure that you have to use that kind of tile. I'd like to try some others because they really have some beautiful tiles. Anyway, the tiles come in boxes of nine which is annoying to me because if I am going to make coasters for someone, they're going to come in a four pack.. But I guess if I am tiling my kitchen, I would want nine of them to make a perfect square.

I trimmed the pictures with a ruler and razor blade to be about 3.5" x 3.5" because I like things to have a border (which in the long run is never a good idea because I get all anal and freaked out about the picture being perfectly centered.)

Next, I took the tiles out of the box to discover they were covered in a white dust that was now all over my clothes too. So I got a paper towel  and dusted them off. I put a layer of Mod Podge over the coaster and very carefully laid the picture on the coaster. The first one I did has several bubbles and creases in the tissue paper which, of course, freaked me out, but I remembered someone saying try not to fret about them because they will tear if you mess with them too much. So I just tried to prefect the technique with each tile and by the fourth one, I had it down. I just placed an edge down first and then put it on like a sticker or a decal on your car... slowly roll it down and smooth it as you go.

I went and cooked dinner while I let the first layer of Mod Podge dry. As I have mentioned before, this sitting and waiting for things to dry is painful for me. I much prefer an instant gratification. Multi-tasking seems to be the solution for me, but it also runs the risk of triggering my self-diagnosed A.D.D.

Once the first layer of Mod Podge was dry, covered the coasters with two more layers of Mod Podge (letting each layer completely dry before applying the next layer). The perfectionist in me didn't like the way it looked because you could see the brush streaks in the Mod Podge. I am not sure there's a way to change that. Maybe a new(er) brush? I don't really know. Suggestions? 

Here they are:

The pictures I took don't do them much justice. Again, I need to really work on my photography. These pictures were also taken pre-finsihing spray and pre-corking of the back side, but I was excited to share my success so I couldn't wait for all that.

I'll spray them with some clear sealant and put some cork (some people chose to use felt) on the back to help prevent scratching tables.

I have yet to see how well they work with a drink on them. Perhaps a future blog.


  1. I freaking love it! and I am so glad you accomplished your project you wanted to give up on! They look good!

  2. They look great! I love that the pictures are black and white...they look vintage. Maybe a sponge brush would help with the brush marks? I want to try it! - Glenna