Friday, May 18, 2012

It Finally Happened to Me

We've all seen it. Those absurd text messages that claim to be autocorrect gone wrong. Well, today... it finally happened to me.

The back story:

My awesome mom is 73 years old, on Facebook and Pinterest, has a Nook color, a smart phone, and loves to play Words with Friends. She's pretty impressive with her technology skills.

Anyway, I play Words with Friends with her regularly. In fact, she's the only one I play on a regular basis. All the other games sometimes go days without a move from me, but I know how much she enjoys playing so I make it a point to play her. Not to mention playing Words is also how I know she's still alive and kicking. Horrible to say, I know, but otherwise I'd have to call and check on her every day. Now I can check on her without her really knowing and without driving us both crazy.

Back to the story... the nightly routine is we play back and forth pretty consistently and then all of a sudden it just stops. It feels so... abrupt. Like being hung up on in the middle of a conversation.

So, I texted my mom last night:

Me: Going forward... I would like for you to say good night when you play your last Words turn. K? K, thanks.

Mom (this morning): Why? It's not your bedtime.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my mom is and can be quite the smart ass.

So I say: I know, but I am anxiously anticipating your sexy move and then it doesn't happen.

Mom: That is sick to say your mother is sexy!

*Crinkled brow, scratching my head.* What?! *Re-read text*

Me: Damn autocorrect! LMAO I am dying!!!

That was supposed to say, I am anxiously anticipating your NEXT move, not sexy move. It was hilarious. I couldn't even tell K what had happened at first because I was laughing so hard.

This -- was priceless. I absolutely adore my mom and these are the moments with her that I cherish! 


  1. BAHAHHAHAHAH that's freakin hilarious! Axiously awaiting your mom's sexy move?! that. was. awesome. :)

  2. omg, how did you not catch that before you sent it? lol you must be using the word "sexy" a lot for it to confuse next for it.