Monday, October 17, 2011

Project Fail

I saw this great idea for DIY photo coasters on Pinterest, of course. A day or so later, this rockstar crafting friend of a friend chick, did them and blogged about them. She made them seem so easy, I decided I was even going go home and do them on a work night! *Gasp* Crafting? On a work night?!

(For those of you that dont know me, I prefer to just go home and lounge on the couch and watch bad TV with the love of my life... doing anything beyond that is nearly a pigs flew kind of miracle.)

That was Monday night. The night when my cat proved he was still a kitten and shredded my tissue paper. It was also the night that I was too lazy to actually dig out the printer from our closet.

Well, yesterday, I finally got motivated enough to dig the printer out and give this simple project a shot. I hook up the printer, choose the photos to print, click OK and hit my first road block.

I ignore this message and click "Continue Printing" because, after all, I am low on color ink, not black ink and I am doing black and white photos so it shouldn't really matter.

I wish I had pictures for these next parts, but I don't so you'll just have to do your best to visualize.

This project requires you tape some tissue paper onto some cardstock in order to print in tissue paper. Well, I didnt tape the tissue paper down on all sides, just the top and the bottom so the printer immediately started eating the tissue paper. Welp, that clearly didn't work.

I tear it from the claws of the printer and try it again, this time taping all four sides of the tissue paper to the cardstock. This worked like a charm... picked up the paper and started printing, no problem.

THEN, the final product comes out. Apparently, you do need color ink in order to print black an white because the pictures came out printed in a faded purple color with horrible streaks all through the pictures. FAIL.

I wasn't willing to go to the store, let alone spend the 50-ish dollars it costs for an ink cartridge, so I put the printer away and decided I would take the material to work and try it on my printer Monday at work.

I have been patiently waiting all day to finish with all my important work so that I can work on my personal project. LOL It's finally time. I copy the pictures to the computer, load the paper, and hit print.

Sounds good... the printer grabs the paper, no problem. You can hear it making it's mark on the tissue paper, and *CLASH CLUNK SILENCE* Ugh!!!!! The noise was so loud, my co-worker even came over and was like, was that you? Uuuhh, embarrassing. The printer decided to think it was jammed. It wasn't. There was no crumpling of the paper, there was no jam of any sort. However, the fight to get the paper "unjammed" did just that. Crumpled and tore my tissue paper and even mangled my cardstock. I, of course, brought more tissue paper in case the first attempt failed, but the cardstock is so mangled, I am not sure it's safe to try again. 

So after my third attempt at making this project, I am starting to think that no matter how thrifty and how cute everyone else's look, maybe it's just not a project for me. :o(


  1. Awww... I am sorry that it didn't work for you friend! It sounds cute...just too many obstacles.

  2. Please keep trying...I want to see it!!

  3. LMAO was that you? Haha! I saw one on pinterest where you glue the actual picture then put resin on it...maybe try that one? :)