Friday, October 7, 2011

Blog Schmog

A few years back, I blogged on Myspace about blogging. I didn't get it. I'm still not sure I get it now. Really? I am going to put my thoughts out there into cyber space for complete strangers to read? Who's going to read it? My friends and family get bored when I talk to them... and now I want them (and strangers) to read what goes on in my world?

I don't really know about this whole blogging thing, but.... 

My sister has a blog she started after her son was born (  I loved reading her blogs about being a new mom and things her son was doing as he grew up. But let's keep in mind that my sister went to school for journalism, so her writing skills are pretty phenomenal. 

Then while she was pregnant with her second child, she started a cooking blog that I also enjoyed ( We talked about sharing that blog. She was much further along in her chef-ing experience than I was, so we thought it might be a good idea for the experienced chef and the new chef to share recipes, successes, and failures. That never happened. I was still skeptical about this whole blogging thing... and let's be real, my writing skills would never compare to hers. I was not willing to face the self created sibling rivalry of not only cooking skills, but writing skills too.Thankfully, that second child, a beautiful baby girl, arrived and she hasn't blogged since, so the pressure is gone... for now. 

Along came the movie Julie & Julia. This was the first time that I felt truly inspired to blog. It proved to me that random people just might find an interest in what I have to say. And if the right random people find it interesting, maybe I will make it big and someone will make a movie about my blog. YES! I just might have to do this. 
The inspiration was gone as fast as it arrived. Who really wants a movie made about their life anyway? I know I wouldn't. 

Sure, I have had the occasional fleeting thought about starting a blog, but I always end up back where I start. Who's really going to want to read it? 

Well, I still dont have the answer to that question, but... I have recently found the ever so addicting website which inspires creativity and with a couple of clicks usually takes me to external blogs that I read and enjoy. In addition to Pinterest, two of my friends, Ms. Rink & Teenah (names and identities have been changed to protect the innocent), have recently started blogs. Teenah's is about DIY Projects (or do it her way or else projects LOL). Ms. Rink's is about Fashion and Shopping (bows and leopard to be exact). Ms. Rink has encouraged me for months to get a blog because she loves all my random thoughts and thinks I should share them with more than just her. I am positive she's the only one that feels this way.

So there it is. Peer pressure. That's what has finally got me to try out a blog. I have a lot to say... some of it meaningful, some of it not so meaningful, and everything in between. So I'll give it a try. I guess if I have at least one loyal reader it will make it worth my time. 

When I asked Ms. Rink every time she encouraged me to blog, "Who's going to read them?" Her response was always, "I will!" So I guess I will have that one loyal reader that will make it worth my time. :o)

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  1. I am so excited about your blog!! I love your stories and the way you tell them! This is going to be so awesome! :)