Thursday, April 26, 2012

Introducing - CONE KID!!

"Slow for the Cone Zone"
Yep. That's me inside there!

Today was National Bring Your Kid to Work Day. My boss approached me about a month ago and asked if I would represent Caltrans as Cone Kid. I reluctantly agreed. (But was also secretly a little excited. LOL)

The events leading up to me becoming Cone Kid were nearly tragic, comical, and overall fun.

Yesterday, we were checking out the costume and being sure the pants and shirt fit before the big day. I took a look at Cone Kid himself and thought, "Oy. I hope I don't get claustrophobic in there." (I am not really sure why we didn't test out the whole outfit right then, but we didn't.)

So, today is the big day. I suit up five minutes before the event is to start. My boss slides Cone Kid over my head and..... INSTANT PANIC!!!! :o(

Oh, no! Am I going to be able to do this? I mean, come on! How irrational am I being? What could really happen to me in that suit? 

Well, let me tell you what could happen.
  • What if I fall over? 
  • What if there is an earthquake and I have to run and I cant get out? 
  • What if I get nauseous and throw up inside Cone Kid? 
  • What if my stomach hates me and I have to run to the bathroom? 
  • What if I freak out inside that thing and scare the kids?
  • What if I pass out?
  • What if some kid bullies me?!
The catastrophic scenarios were racing through my head. Not only would I not be able to run, but I wouldn't going to be able to get that cone off my head without the help of someone else. What? I have to rely on someone else? This is NOT a comfortable feeling for me.

Thankfully, my boss found a great solution. Instead of being in the costume for the entire welcome session (about 30-45 minutes) she suggested I wait in a closet and at the end of her presentation, she would come get me. We'd have the kids just take pictures with Cone Kid and I would only have to be inside the cone body for about 10 minutes. I could do 10 minutes. Couldn't I?

I sat in that closet for about 20 minutes running all the scenarios through my head again. Then laughing at myself, I returned to my original rational thought: Really? What was the likelihood that any of those things would happen in 10 minutes? Sure. It could happen in some freak scenario, but the odds were pretty low. Plus... I LOVE kids. And the kids are going to LOVE Cone Kid. I wouldn't want to take Cone Kid away from them! So... I was able to sit in the closet, talk myself off the ledge, then (for not the first time in my life) I came out of the closet with a bang!

The kids ooh'd and aah'd and cheered and smiled. It was great. They each got their picture taken... even the big kids got their pictures with Cone Kid:

High Five!

He was so stoked! I guess some of us never fully lose our innocence!
I thought it was a little bizarre at the time, but when I saw these pictures I thought it was HILARIOUS! He's totally wearing the hats and safety jackets we gave out to the kids. I am pretty sure he was more excited to be getting high fives and pictures with Cone Kid than the actual kids were. He even had someone video tape it! LOL! I'm not even 100% sure this guy works with us!

Also hilarious about this day... instinctively, at every click of the camera, I would catch myself smiling from ear to ear inside Cone Kid as if my face was going to be in the picture! Every now and again, I would catch myself and chuckle wondering why the heck I was smiling. Never the less, the next click of the camera, there I was from inside of Cone Kid smiling and thinking, "Cheeeeeese".

So, it was nearly tragic in that I almost couldn't be Cone Kid. But thankfully, I was able to talk myself off the ledge. Find it comical. Laugh at myself. Get over my irrational fears and end up having a great time.

I might even consider doing it again next year. 

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  1. LOL I couldn't stop laughing about you still smiling when taking the pictures!! LOL I would probably have made weird faces under there...LOL SO funny that your instincts made u keep doing it!