Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

A couple of weeks ago, my sister, Denise (her name not changed to protect the innocent), sent me an email with a link to a project she thought would be right up my alley and she was right!

With Halloween just around the corner, I needed to get this project done before it was too late. So, Friday after work, I made it my mission to get the supplies.

After avoiding Walmart for almost two years, my mission took me there thinking it would be a one-stop-shop. I could get groceries, jars, and tissue paper and then head home. I was wrong.

Groceries: The Walmart by my house is apparently not a Super Walmart, thus their grocery selection consisted of cereal, chips, candy, alcohol, and a very small freezer section. Definitely wasn't going to cover my grocery needs.

Jars: They had jars, but I had to buy them in cases of 12. I didn't need 12 not to mention, I want varying sizes. Hmmm... I am thinking about what I can do so I don't have to make a third stop at Michaels and I remember that I put some spaghetti jars in the recycling bags the other day. Perfect! I will just use those.

Tissue paper: They had that and it was cheap. All under $1 except for the bulk of white tissue paper I got. I figured with this project and all the coasters I will be making people for Christmas, I would need the white tissue paper. Only problem was, they didn't have purple. Seriously? I think the Michaels Gods are working against me and doing ALL they could to get me to go there.

I buy the tissue paper and I head out of the store to the grocery store. I grab the things I need, even looked for some Mason jars there and thought I would check out the wrapping paper section for some purple tissue paper. I knew it would be a little more pricey here, but it could prevent that Michaels trip I am so desperately trying to avoid. Annnnnd, they had it! SCORE!

I head home all excited to dig my jars out of the recycling and get to crafting. I dug in the recycling, all right, but I didn't dig out any jars. :o( I guess we already took that bundle of recycling to recycle center. I was heart broken. I did find one jar, but it was an odd shape and I wasn't sure I wanted to use it. I ripped the label off and threw it in the dishwasher anyway.

The next day, when I got up, my sister-in-law had left her old pickle jar soaking on the counter for me. So sweet of her. She knew how disappointed I was the night before because I didn't have any jars.

After cleaning that jar, I suddenly remembered that someone had given us a small Mason jar of homemade apple butter last year and started frantically looking for it in the cupboards. YES! I found it! This was starting to come together. :o)

I wont bore you with the details on how to do the project. You can read that other chick's blog for step by step instructions. The only thing I did different was I used black tissue paper for the faces and just Mod Podged it right onto the jar. She used black paper and glue.

Oh, and one tip: the tissue paper is very fragile when doused in Mod Podge. There are a number of spots that the tissue paper ripped while I was working on another part of the jar, but don't fret!! I just patched it up with a small piece of tissue paper and more Mod Podge. Only the close inspector will be able to tell.

I made these little guys first:

This was the one that was a weird shape that I wasn't sure about wanting to use. Turned out perfect if you ask me!

And while I was making them, K (the wife... I decided to just start identifying her as K... less to type) reminded me that we had a really big Mason jar in the garage from a 50/50 raffle we did for the Relay for Life event last summer and it would be perfect for a ghost!

Off to the garage I go, to begin crafting the ghost. He was a little more special, this ghost. I drew his face on the black tissue paper and I just did two small ovals for the eyes and one large oval for the mouth. As I was cutting the mouth, I decided I wanted the mouth to have a different shape... like the mask from the Scream movies. Well, let's just say my free-hand cutting abilities aren't what I thought they'd be.

WARNING:  This blog may contain different images, some of which are considered objectionable or offensive by some readers.

That's not going to work. :o\ Hmmm... How can I fix this? So I went to the computer and Google imaged the Scream Mask and literally traced the face right from the computer screen, onto my black tissue paper and got this:

Here is what they look like all set up together:

Pretty stinking cute. Thanks to my sister for finding the blog with the project. Special thanks to K and my sister-in-law for not letting me get all suicidal over another failed project and helping me find the jars I could use around the house. I had a lot of fun doing it and was even a little bummed out when I was out of jars to do. This was the extent of my pumpkin carving this year. Quite frankly, I would be ok if this was the extent of my pumpkin carving every year.

Did you notice that I was all upset because Walmart didn't even have the purple tissue paper? Did you also notice that out of all the jars, not one of them had purple?



  1. The green one is my favorite! I like this idea and might have to do it next year!

  2. LMAO that is hilarious that you ended up with no purple!! I loved how the Frankenstein one worked out! That mouth shape on the original screamer mask was hilarious! and the turnout was really good and scary. And that was nice of the sis-in-law! Ilove your halloween spirit!

  3. Thank you for the grain of credit and for the lack of anonymity. P.S. I think your first ghost looked to be choking on a peanut. Classic.