Sunday, October 9, 2011

Such a Witch!

My wife left today and won't be back for until next Sunday. I think in an attempt to make my week without her a little less painful, she took me to Michael's yesterday and we loaded up on craft projects I could do while she was gone. (Gimme a break, we're newlyweds!! We still don't like to be apart from each other for extended periods.)

The first one I started last night is still not done so that blog will have to come later. (The process of having to spray clear coat on things is a lengthy, tedious process that is tough for someone like me that doesn't have a lot of patience when it comes to having to wait for it to dry. I'm a more instant gratification kind of girl.)

I should preface my first craft blog with this: I wish I could take credit for originating the projects I do, but I cannot. While I do think I am creative, I am not good with creating things from scratch. I need someone else to come up with the idea and then I will steal their idea and make it my own.

With that said, I will start with the Sock Witch. I actually started making her a couple weekends ago, but I didn't care for the way she turned out. Her head was too big, her hair was scraggly, her face wasn't right (eyes and nose), and she needed something more.

Here is what she looked like last weekend:

See? She was a mess. After I took the above picture, I added a couple buttons which helped, but not enough.

This weekend, I went and got her some cute eyes from Michaels and I used a pipe cleaner to make her nose. I also gave her more hair and cut her some bangs. A major make-over in my opinion.

I couldn't find a broom that was small enough for her, so I made my own. My wife found this broom at Michaels in the Halloween decorations for just a couple of bucks. At first I resisted it. I thought it would be too much work to make a broom out of it, but my wife insisted it wouldn't be that bad so I gave in and just got it. I cut a little chunk off the bottom and just wrapped black waxy string I had to make the handle and bind it together.

And vuala:

Oh yeah, I reshaped her head and body to maker her look a little more proportionate.

She's cute, she's easy to make, but she taught me something. I dont really like working with a hot glue gun. Perhaps it's because I just have a cheap one that wont stand up on it's own, but I am pretty sure no matter how expensive of a glue gun I get, I will continue to burn the crap out of my fingers!!

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