Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jar of Love Candle Holder

Thanks to Pinterest... I have taken to saving most jars that come into our house - spaghetti sauce, pickle jars, jelly jars, etc. I have empty jars everywhere. And this was my first time finally using one for a project. 

A few weeks ago, we were in Laguna Beach doing some touristy shopping. Yes, I know we're considered locals, but we had family in town so we did the touristy thing. Anyway, in one of the little shops, I came across Trapp candles that I had found years ago in San Francisco and never found them again. I was like a kid in a candy store! Their scents are amazing! But the prices are not so amazing. 

The little candles are reasonably priced, but then the next size up are $20+. The only problem is the little candles don't come with a candle holder. That's when I decided all the jars I have at home just might come in handy.

This little guy was inspired by a couple different pins. This one and this one. (Both inspirational photos to the left.)
The end result didn't really turn out the way I had envisioned which is pretty normal for me, but I liked the end result enough. 

Here's what you'll need: 
  • Tissue paper
  • Heart punch
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Sponge paint brush
  • Ribbon or twine or string of some sort. 
First, I punched the heart out of the tissue paper, which wasn't as easy as it sounds. The tissue paper is too thin for the punch and the punch just kind of wanted to chew it up instead of cutting it. I ended up folding the tissue paper to make it a little thicker and more sturdy... that worked better. I picked which heart turned out the best and did a little trimming to clean up the edges.

Then I cut several one inch squares from the white tissue paper. 

Then I Mod Podged my little heart out.
I placed the hearts first.
I laid the white tissue paper in a scattered pattern and just trimmed as needed to make it fit.
Once all the tissue paper was in place, I let it dry for about 20 minutes and did a couple more coats of Mod Podge to seal it off. (I let it dry for 20 minutes between each coat.)

I needed something for the top of the jar to sort of clean it up because the ragged tissue paper edge wasn't working for me. I went to my ribbon reserves and couldn't find one that matched my colors so I went with colored string. I just wrapped the string several times around the top and tied it off with a cute little bow and - VWUALA! I had me a candle holder for my scrumptious new candle!


  1. super cute friend. I'm not sure why but I think I need to know what scents you got :)

    1. I don't remember the exact names, but one was an orange cream and the other one was a gardenia flavor. They have so many good smells...

  2. That's really cute! I love candles! I would like to make some with Buffy's face or leopard print or something.

    1. I am constantly looking for leopard print napkins or tissue paper and can never find it!