Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cookie Monster

In November of last year, I got a new co-worker. She filled my old position after I got promoted. It was pretty much friendship at first sight. We hit it off from the get go and quickly realized we are alike in a lot of ways... right down to our unruly natural curly hair.

We both enjoy baking and baking for other people. This is one of the many things we have in common. However, she actually has talent and creativity. It's impressive really.

She brought in cupcakes first. And then she made cookies a couple of times. Her skills we so impressive that the Director asked her to make cookies to celebrate one of our partnerships and she would give the cookies to them. You kind of have to know our Director to understand what a big deal that is and what a compliment that is.

Here is what she made (I made the tags, thank you very much!):

She personalized each cookie.

Then today, she came in with these adorable cookies:

Happy Easter!
She made those for our co-workers kids. He didn't show up to work today and he's off tomorrow, so guess who these cookies are going home with tonight? ;o)

I am already recruiting her (aka - begging and bugging till she agrees) to make some cookies for Relay for Life. I foresee some boob cookies and/or cupcakes in our future!


  1. Those are so cute! I would like some of the bra cookies! :) ... and you should make some for testicular cancer too, I will take some of those as well... hahaha

    ps.. I like the new layout! :)

    1. Thanks! I want to play with the colors a little because I am not a huge fan of the blue, but I like it better than the old way.

      And, you know I don't like nuts so I doubt I will be making any testicle cookies or cupcakes. LMAO!