Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Breast Cancer Beanie

The other day, a friend of mine had asked me if I could crochet a beanie for a friend of hers (that I had never met.) She was going to be starting chemo treatments for breast cancer in the next couple weeks and inevitably would lose her hair. I had never made a beanie, but I was happy to try. Later that day, I met my friend's friend and thought she was such a joy to be around. I was even more happy to make the beanie for someone so sweet and funny! (Not to mention she had one of the cutest Charpet dog I had ever seen!)

Here's how it started:

I got the pattern from a blog called "Knit, Crochet, and Everything Else Fun..." She called it a Spring Spirals Beanie. The spiral pattern is pretty awesome. I will let you go to her blog for the pattern, but here's a couple tips:

  1. Her directions confused me when I got down to the 3rd row. She said, "Row 3: *2 sc, 2 sc in next stitch; repeat from * around (24 sts)". You may understand this, but I threw a little temper tantrum trying to figure it out. Translation: 1 single crochet in next 2 stitches, then 2 single crochet in the next stitch - repeat. (I also learned that having to count while crocheting makes me angry. K can attest to it - I think she still has the other side of her face after biting her head off because she was trying to talk to my while I was counting. We wont mention that she didn't know I was counting.)

  2. When doing the brim, she says, "Make sure you do not slip stitch tightly." This is muy importante! She suggested using a larger hook. I didn't listen. I thought, "I got this!" I didn't. I put it on (thankfully before tying it off) and it made me look like that angry cat that's been floating around on the internet. I was lucky and was able to just undo a few rows and it was fine.
  3. Use a stitch marker. I have never used one before - don't even own one. I just used a safety pin. I'm not even sure I used it the right way, but it was definitely helpful when crocheting the hat/brim.
Wait! It's not done yet! I thought it would be cute to throw a pink "ribbon" on it. This is where the true battle came in. I did some test runs before I went out and bought pink yarn since I am not a huge fan of pink and this is likely the only project I would do using pink. The test runs were successful in that I could make them, but it was bigger than I wanted. (I didn't take a pic of this one.) So, I tried a thinner yarn. It improved it, but was still too big. (See pic below.) Next, I stuck with that same yarn and just tried a smaller needle, which made the size much better. I think I even left the third row off the one on the bottom.

I got the awesome ribbon pattern from "Little Orphan Skein". I am so grateful to bloggers that share their patterns. If I was creative enough to come up with them on my own, I would absolutely share! The author of this blog created this pattern all on her own while cooking dinner. Impressive! 

Again, I will let you go to her blog for the pattern. She deserves the traffic on her blog for coming up with something so rad!!

Here's the final product:

I am not completely excited about how the ribbon turned out, but it can be easily removed if she feels the same way about it as I do and I won't be offended if she opts to take it off!

Honestly, I feel honored to make this for such a great woman! I hope it helps her through the journey she is embarking on. I have not a doubt in my mind that she will kick cancer's ass!


  1. I think it turned out super cute! I like the ribbon too!

  2. The ribbon looks soooo good! Great job friend! You are really turning into a pro at this! I would totally wear it! I'm loving the nose ring too!