Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Week with Inez

Who, you may ask, is Inez? Inez is my wonderful Mom who came out to get out of the cold Indiana weather and visit her daughter in beautiful, sunny California.

Here's how it went:

We took my mom home from the airport via the scenic route down Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). One of the most breath taking views is at Crystal Cove where they just so happen to have a Ruby's Diner that over looks the ocean. Of course we stopped there to grab a bite to eat as we oogled at the ocean views!

Ruby's Diner, Newport Beach Coast, Crystal Cove

We spent quite a bit of time at various beaches.

Heisler Park, Laguna Beach

Heisler Park

Two of my most favorite women.

My beautiful Mom, San Clemente Pier

Found cool trees.

Coolest tree ever, Heisler Park, Laguna Beach

Me & K, Heisler Park, Laguna Beach

Second coolest tree, Main Beach, Laguna Beach

Watched some sunsets.

Aliso Beach

Montage, Laguna Beach

Out on the whale watching boat.

 Celebrated my Birthday!

Had a picnic on the beach, San Clemente Pier

Went for a walk on the Pier

Got the most perfect Birthday card

Followed by the most perfect Rockstar Monkey Birthday cake.

And blew out candles, which people missed so I fake blew out candles. LOL

Then my sister Melissa came.

As her son pointed out, if you look closely, her eyes are closed. LOL

We went Whale Watching. (We did see whales and dolphins on the trip, but they're too quick to catch on camera so you get pics of us instead.)

Waiting to board our Whale Watching boat.

She thought we were whale watching in Antarctica.

My mom refused to smile because she said I had hate in my heart. And did I ever, that day! At least until we got on the boat.

Our first whale watching trip together.

Take 1 - Enjoying each other.

Take 2 - Mom?? Hello?

Take 3 - There we go! :o)

 Laughed a LOT.

For some reason my mom would talk during pictures. Yelling "NO TALKING" would result in laughter and a great pic.

I laugh like no other when I am with my mom.

We made fun of her Antarctica coat and later realized we all wished we had an Antarctica coat. Brrr it was COLD on that boat!

I am pretty sure this is another "NO TALKING" shot. LOL

Took silly pictures.


Messing with camera settings.

Showing some sass.

Played lots of cards. (Sorry no pictures.)

And finally, after breakfast at our favorite spot in Laguna, we had one last trip to the beach before everyone went home.

Main Beach, Laguna Beach

It was a wonderful visit with memories that will be forever cherished. So many little side stories I would love to chronicle, but don't want to overwhelm my loyal readers with "you-had-to-be-there" stories. Melissa has gone home, my mom has continued on her journey to Arizona before heading back to Indiana, and we have returned to the daily grind. I definitely went through the vacation blues once everyone left, but when I reflected back on the week we had, I realized my gratitude and decided I will have to make these memories get me through until we have the chance to make some more. Many, many more.


  1. freaking LOVE all of these pictures!!! it looks like an amazing week!

  2. Awwww so freaking cute! Looks like so much love and fun! I adore your mom in the "TA-DA" picture!