Friday, December 23, 2011

Farkle in a Can

As usual, I saw this cute can project on Pinterest:

I immediately knew I wanted to do it. 

I introduced a couple of our friends to the game Farkle this year and they were instant fans so I thought what a perfect way to give them Farkle! I'll make it! :o)

Here's the end result:

The front
The back

The bottom

Outside: Open the can from the bottom, empty out the contents, and clean the insides. Decorate the outside as you see fit. Put the contents inside the can, and hot glue the bottom shut. When I sealed the bottom shut, it looked really messy, so I just cut out some card stock and glued it to the bottom of the can to give it a cleaner look.

Inside: 6 dice and some cheat sheet scoring cards which is the same as the instructions on the back. After it was too late, I thought I should have made a little note pad for them to use to keep score and a couple of those little pencils folks use at the golf courses.

The only thing I couldn't (or didn't want to) figure out was how to provide a seal/cover once the can is open so they can continue to use it to store the game and not have to worry about losing it's contents. The lid to a Pringles can almost fits. It's a hair too big, but like I said, if I wanted to take the time to work with it, I am sure I could have figured out a way to make it fit. Maybe some string on the top of the can to make it thicker... or a thin ring of hot-glue on the inside of the lid to give it some grip. K suggested dog food/cat food lids. I will suggest that to our friends, but I felt weird giving the gift to them with that type of lid. Merry Christmas - here's some dog food. Just didn't quite seem right. :o)

I'll definitely be doing this project again.


  1. this sounds really cool and fun! and looks really cute!

  2. I dig it. Nice twist on putting the game in it. I will definitely use this one for some gift wrap at some point. Of course, then I'd have to invest in a glue gun. How very pinteresty of me.