Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dry Erase Board

Earlier this year, my sister Denise sent me this blog showing me how to make a personalized dry erase board.

At the time, I decided that was what everyone was going to get for Christmas this year. That didn't happen, but I had made two of them earlier this year as trials and kept them around the house waiting for the perfect person to give them to.

Then on Pinterest I kept seeing cute sentimental dry erase boards made to put daily messages for the ones you love. Like these:

I really liked the concept of these, so I thought I would do something like that for the ones I had already made. K and I have two sweet nieces that love home made gifts and are absolutely adored by their parents (and Aunties) so I thought, what better way to tell them every day how much they are loved than with these:

Our hope is that their parents will put a message up for them at least once a week. And every once in a while, we can send a text to their Mom or Dad and ask them to put a message up for them from their Aunties.

These really are great gifts. I am not sure why I didn't make them for everyone as Christmas gifts since they can really be personalized and fine tuned for the people you're giving them to... maybe next year. Or as Birthday gifts!

Disclaimer: I am well aware the picture quality of these photos suck and do them no justice. I am working on improving my product staging. :o)


  1. I love them! I think they are really awesome and am glad you are satisfied with your results so much taht you want to continue to make them!

  2. Holy background, batman! I usually read your blog in my RSS reader, so it nearly blinded me when I came to comment and was assaulted by stars. CTRL + Z, dude, CTRL + Z.

    Anyway, I still want to make or have you make one of these for me. I am now in search of fabric or paper that I fall in love with. To me, that will make or break its success.

    Of course, mine will need to be a schmoop-less To-Do list, but that's OK too.