Thursday, March 6, 2014

First Reward

So I got a new scale. That means I met my first weight loss goal. Yay!
The irony of a new scale is the weight difference. I was hoping it would work in my favor (who wouldn't) but it did the opposite.
Funny story, really.
The scale is fancy. I can enter my starting weight and my goal weight and it will tell me how much I've lost (or gained.) It tracks my progress for me. Nice!
So I'm programming it and step on to get my starting weight with this scale.
It read 182. My goal for the reward was 180 so 2 pounds wasn't terrible. In fact, 2 pounds may equal my clothes.
Naturally, I stripped out of my clothes and tried again.
This time it read 183!!!
I'm not quite sure of the confidence I have in this new scale. And I'm also not that excited about losing pounds I already lost, but progress is progress, right?
According to my original scale, I'm down 7 pounds. If we go from my biggest since I moved to So Cal, I'm down 14 pounds. And if we go from my biggest of all time in 2004... Hahaha just kidding.
I'm excited for results. Results keep me motivated.
Next reward? A new book!

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