Monday, March 10, 2014

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Last Sunday, my beautiful niece and her boyfriend were in the OC visiting his family and they were nice enough to make some time for me. 

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Huntington Beach - I even got my first sunburn! It's day's like that that make me never want to move from Orange County!
It was so beautiful, I wasn't ready to head home after they left so I headed to the Wedge in Newport Beach. 
On our way, I stopped at 7-11 to grab something cold to drink. As soon as I got out of my car, a homeless man approached me and asked me for money for something to eat. I rarely have cash on me these days, so I tell him that and continue to go inside. Then it dawns on me, I'm going into a store that has all kinds of food, why don't I just get him something. I asked him what he wanted and he said, "Just something to eat and drink." Followed by expressions of gratitude. 
So, I grabbed 2 waters, a sandwich, a yummy looking fruit salad, and asked for $5 cash back and gladly gave it to my new friend, wishing him a good day. He, of course, was very grateful and went on his way. 
It warmed my heart as I pulled away to see him find some shade and opening the fruit salad for him to enjoy. 

I hope that the reason I share these random acts of kindness isn't misconstrued. I don't share them to get kudos. I don't share them to feel grandiose. I share them in the hopes that it will inspire more acts of kindness and show how simple it is to change someone's day and to spread a lil love. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

First Reward

So I got a new scale. That means I met my first weight loss goal. Yay!
The irony of a new scale is the weight difference. I was hoping it would work in my favor (who wouldn't) but it did the opposite.
Funny story, really.
The scale is fancy. I can enter my starting weight and my goal weight and it will tell me how much I've lost (or gained.) It tracks my progress for me. Nice!
So I'm programming it and step on to get my starting weight with this scale.
It read 182. My goal for the reward was 180 so 2 pounds wasn't terrible. In fact, 2 pounds may equal my clothes.
Naturally, I stripped out of my clothes and tried again.
This time it read 183!!!
I'm not quite sure of the confidence I have in this new scale. And I'm also not that excited about losing pounds I already lost, but progress is progress, right?
According to my original scale, I'm down 7 pounds. If we go from my biggest since I moved to So Cal, I'm down 14 pounds. And if we go from my biggest of all time in 2004... Hahaha just kidding.
I'm excited for results. Results keep me motivated.
Next reward? A new book!