Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wave of Gratitude - Day 2

I am grateful for this every day. I am grateful for where we live. 

I have always loved the beach, but it was a place you visited once or twice a year - if you were lucky. And it was always a minimum of an hour drive away.

Never in a million years would I have thought that I would live just minutes from the beach. 

They day I moved down here, we were taking the Uhaul truck back... all of a sudden, we rounded a curve in the road and it was the most breath taking view of the beautiful ocean. So breath taking, I literally cried. 
Fast forward two years, my mom is out here for our wedding, we are on that same stretch of road, drive around that same corner and my mom is moved to tears as I was two years earlier. 

The ocean is a powerful beauty. It gives so much and asks nothing in return. A force to be reckoned with and at the same time, a gentle place to be in a time of need. 

I am grateful (and amazed) that I live where I live and get to love the beaches whenever I want!

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  1. OMG that is so awesome that you and your mom shared that same moment! Like mother, like daughter!