Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thanks for Volunteering

Today I am thankful for the cute rescue pups I volunteer to walk during the week. 
Since we have our sweet kitties, we can't really have a dog. Not right now anyway. But these pups give my my dog fix. It's like being the Auntie. I get to take them out, have fun with them, and then give them back when I'm tired of them. LOL 
I am grateful for the opportunity to give my time and get the unconditional love of dogs in return. 


  1. Its so awesome that you volunteer and hang out with those pups! They are so cute too!

    1. Thanks friend. I get new ones all the time but the two on the left I always have. Yesterday I actually sat in the grass and just hung out with them for a bit.. It was awesome. I wish they had their own private dog park so I could let them run and play!

  2. How freaking cute! I'm actually pretty jealous and wish I could spend time with a bunch of different dogs like that... but Buffy takes all of my time. :| I'm glad that you are doing that and getting your fix in and giving them some fun time.