Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thanks for Streaming - Day 3

I know it seems silly, but I am grateful for Netflix Streaming. 
Movies. Their movie selection isn't the greatest, but they have some decent ones. Some oldies, like Ghostbusters that I just watched on Halloween. And some new, like ... well, I can't really think of any new ones that I've watched, but they're there. 
TV Shows. I am currently re-watching Ally McBeal. I loved the show when it first came out, but I am enjoying it so much more now. And lets not forget Netflix original shows like Orange is the New Black. The first TV series we watched was Lost. K completed the whole series - I lost (no pun intended) interest as soon as the smoke beast or whatever it was came into it.

Documentaries. This is the true reason I am thankful for Netflix. I have watched so many that I normally wouldn't have gotten to see. Like the one I watched today, "Sound & Fury". A fascinating documentary on the cochlear implant and the different positions the deaf and the hearing have on it. I love a documentary that not only enlightens me, but gets me thinking about things I would have never even considered before. 

So I am grateful for Netflix streaming. Somewhat shallow on the surface, but the true gratitude is much deeper because it broadens my horizons and opens my mind to things outside of "my" world.

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  1. That's awesome friend! Netflix seems so awesome when you find the time to use it! I would like to use it more and watch Orange is the New Black. And some old school horror movies. Idk if you have caught some things that I have watched on there. I feel so out of the loop with figuring it out and the streaming deal or whatever. haha I like that you have found interesting documentaries too! I'd love those!