Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thanks for Pinning

My, oh my I have fallen behind on these daily gratitudes. I will post this as if it is November 13th, however, in the real world it is the 21st. I can barely get myself to blog something on a monthly basis, I don't know why I thought I would be able to do a daily one! LOL

Anyway, today I am grateful for ...
I have often admired creative people and hand made items, but never felt I had the ability to be one of those people. Pinterest has brought that person out in me and I love it! Granted, I cant claim I have a creative mind as in I see a piece of rubble and think - that would make an amazing blahblahblah, and then have the ability to turn it into something. But given a baseline for an idea, I will have my own vision and turn it into my own. 
Check out my "Pinned This, Did This" board to see all the projects I've done since discovering Pinterest.

Also, when I moved down to So Cal 4 years ago, I wasn't much of a chef. And to call myself a chef is a complete stretch... But Pinterest has made me more of a chef/cook than I ever have been in my life. I love trying new recipes. I still have some fails, but notice that I am better at judging whether or not I will like a recipe without having to try it. I think I am just a couple cooking classes away from being able to call myself a chef. LOL
Check out my "Pinned This, Cheffed This" board for all the recipes I've tried, as well as reviews.

According to the snapshots of those boards, I have done over 100 things from Pinterest. Pretty impressive since when I first got on there, I was worried I would spend hours upon hours pinning things and then never doing them. Which, clearly, hasn't been the case. And for that... I am grateful!

Oh, one more thing - I am grateful for this day because 30 years ago today, one of the best friends a girl could have was born! Happy Birthday, friend!


  1. yay! but you're not supposed to tell people how old I am! hahahaha. I too was worried I'd just pin stuff and never do them. that's AWESOME you've done over 100 things from pinterest!

  2. Congrats on everything you have tried and learned from Pinterest! It was a little overwhelming with awesomeness at first...kinda like stepping into forever21. lol I love those pics of you and Randikins. You both have long hair at alejandros and shorter at your wedding.