Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thanks for Calling!

Today, I am beyond grateful for this rad new phone!! 

The phones K and I had before were a P.O.S. Mostly just good as a paperweight. Anything beyond that and you would get so frustrated you would want to throw the phone against a wall. Or out a window. Or off a bridge. It was crap. 

So, Saturday we talk about getting new phones and I start doing some research on the phones our provider has to offer. K has wanted an iPhone for years. So she didn't need much research. I was indifferent to the iPhone. It's such hype and every six months there's a newer better version leaving you feeling like you're missing something with your old, outdated version. Not to mention it doesn't have good, free GPS. That's a must have for me. 

Anyway, I happened upon this little gem. Seriously, check it out on the Sony website. Watch the video. You can put it in water, people. In! The! Water! It gets a little dirty? No problem, run it under the faucet. That's amazing. I have been known to walk into the ocean with my phone in the pocket of my board shorts, so this is amazing to me. (Granted, they don't recommend submerging it and they say it's better that it's not salt water, but they also told stories with happy endings in these cases.)

The phone is just pure awesomeness. So awesome that after a few minutes of demo and playing with it, K decided against the iPhone and got one of these bad boys too. We haven't even touched on all the features and things it can do, but it's amazing. Oh, and if you have a Sony TV, you can tap the phone to the TV and whatever you are doing on your phone will show up on the TV. Guess I better start saving for the Sony plasma. LOL 

P.S. There is one downfall of the phone. Just one... and it's also a perk. It's kinda big. Not in a bulky, heavy kind of way, but in a - it wont fit in my back pocket kind of way. And my back pocket is always where my phone lives. At the same time tho, the bigger screen is fabulous!


  1. Sweet friend, that looks like an awesome phone!

  2. I saw commercials about that phone and it's water resistant ability. That's pretty exciting that you got a new phone! I feel like my life changed when I went from blackberry to this phone. lol well... I technically went from no phone to this phone cause my phone wouldnt work. It's a life changer! And go team Android! haha... :)