Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sisters are a reason to be grateful!

My Sisters. 
Where do I even begin. 
Grew up in the same family. 
Have different memories of the same family.
All three of us, while similar in our core, are very different. 

Melissa is my oldest sister. 10 years older, to be exact. She has always said I was like her baby doll when I was born. She loved to dress me up and take care of me. She gave me my first nephew when I was just 15 years old. She has always been there for me when I needed her and has always loved me unconditionally and embraced me for who I am. 
She is a caretaker. You need something, she's your girl. Even if you don't need something, she's your girl. She recently went to visit our other sister in Chicago and was complimented on just how caring she is. She's a doer, where my other sister and I are more of procrastinators. 
She is crafty and cutesie. I used to make fun of her for being a Suzie Homemaker, but now it is a quality I admire her for. 
I don't really remember fighting with her growing up. Mostly because by the time I was 8, she was off to college and out of the house. What I do remember, is spending a weekend with her when I was probably about 12. After the weekend was over, she dropped me off at home and as she drove down the street, I chased after her car bawling. I had such a special time with her, I was heartbroken it was over and she was gone.

Denise is the middle sister. She's seven years older than me. She was the sister I was always wanting to be like. As a result, I fought with her the most because I always wanted her attention and the last thing a 16 year old wants to do is hang out with her 9 year old sister. I get that now, but back then it often broke my heart. I always thought she was so cool. Looking back, I realize she was cool, but she was a nerdy cool. Still something I idolize. 
The sister I thought would never have kids, has given me a nephew and a beautiful niece. She has become an amazing mother and has surprised me in many ways since becoming a mom. 
She is a hard, hard worker. Sometimes too hard of a worker, but her hard work shines in all of her success. However, currently she is on a sabbatical and not working at all. She's doing the stay at home mom thing, but gives a lot of her time to her kid's school and keeps herself busy in other ways. 
When I have a big decision in life or have something I want to work on, she is usually the sister I consult. She looks at things in a logical manner and can often take the emotion out of things for me. 
She is also the favorite daughter. Haha

I am thankful for both of them for different reasons. I say we are all different, which is true, but I think I embody the best of both of them.

This is our family then & now. Granted the now picture is a couple of years old, but it is the total package. Melissa gave me my brother-in-law, Andy, and my nephews, Andrew and Kendall. Denise brought my brother-in-law, Eric, into my life and blessed me with Oliver and Lucy. Then, of course, there's me & K. We have no kids to contribute but still hope one day we will. 

I wish all the time that I was a better sister, but I am who I am and they are who they are and I wouldn't trade them for the world! 

P.S. I am also grateful for this date because 5 years ago today, Emma Anne (aka bulldog) came into this world and made Abigail Joy a big sister. Now they get to know the joys of having first a sister, then a forever friend! 


  1. such a cute post! I love reading about your relationship with your sisters when you were younger!

  2. Me too! Your stories are always so good! And I swear your sister really looks like Grace Adler! I love that picture of the two of you too!