Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pages of Gratitude

I love books. 
As I may have mentioned before, I love books so much I am a borderline book hoarder.
I am loyal to books. 
I have a Kindle Fire but have yet to actually read a book on it. 
Books, like movies, are a great escape for me. 
I love feeling like I have traveled to another world.
I become so engrossed in a book and it's characters as I am reading it that my own world becomes distant.
I love a book that evokes a wide span of emotions. Jodie Picoult's books often do this. I go through such emotional conflicts in her stories. It's awesome.
I love a book that can make me laugh out loud. Jen Lancaster does that for me. 
I love a book that can make me cry. Nicholas Sparks has been known to get a tear or two from me. 
I just love books. 
Although, there are a few I wont read. 
Harlequin romance style books. 
Sci-Fi books. (But I once loved Dean Koontz. Not anymore though.)
Scary books. Again - I used to love scary books. But after living alone for a couple years and sitting in my apartment alone and terrified after reading, I just don't read them anymore.

For more on the books I've read, am currently reading, and want to read, check out my Goodreads profile.


  1. I love finding books that i can get that into too! I feel like it's not as easy for me to find the right ones maybe though. So even though you live with others now, you still can't read scary books?

    1. I s'pose I coul. I just don't cuz I scare so easily these days. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to sleep. Hello... Do u nit remember when I was hooked on Forensic Files and every day life turned into an episode. And did I ever tell u about the time I dragged my mattress to the living room cuz I got so scared?!

    2. LMAO yes I love the mattress in the living room story... and the one about calling for help but not being able to walk to the door to let the help in. lol