Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall for Gratitude

I freaking love fall. 
It is - by far - my most favorite time of year! 
I mean, look at those colors!!! How can you not love that? Never mind that I don't get to experience such beauty where I live, but I can appreciate the beauty, none the less. 

Another thing I love about fall is the crispness in the air. Just the slight chill that a sweater and jeans is enough to keep you warm and still be able to enjoy the cold. Anything colder and it's just not fun. 
I also love warm drinks. Nothing like a warm coffee or hot chocolate to warm you up! 

Lets not forget about the best holiday of the year!! And the reason I am doing these gratitude blogs. :o) 
Thanksgiving rocks. It allows people to take a step back and be grateful for what they have. 
It's a time for family - dysfunction and all - to make memories. I love the togetherness of the holiday. It's just three of us these days, but I remember the days when we were kids. Mom would cook all day. Us kids would hang out and play games or maybe go catch a movie. And... I'm not really sure what dad did. Probably watched football and tossed a few back. I have fond memories of Thanksgiving with the family. (I'd be curious what my sisters memories are since we always seem to remember things differently. LOL) 
Last but not least, the food! The feast of Thanksgiving is phenomenal! Everything is so delicious. The gravy, the bread, the mashed potatoes... MMMMM!!! You pile the plate so full you can't possibly fit one more thing on it. Half way through the feast in front of you, you realize you are stuffed, yet you manage to finish the whole plate. Everyone sits, lays, lounges around waiting for the fullness to go away so you can get that piece of pumpkin pie in before the day is over. Seriously, the best. 
When I told a good friend of mine that elastic waisted pants are a must on Thanksgiving, she guffawed at me, "Psh... try a dress!" LOL A girl after my own heart! 

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  1. Awwww I love fall!! This post makes me want thanksgiving to be here for all the yummy comfort food!