Saturday, October 12, 2013

Random Act of Kindness Bookmarks

Ever since I saw these little gems on Pinterest, what seems like forever ago, I have wanted to make these (or something similar.) Sadly, bookmarks are a dying breed because everyone has one of the many various brands of an e-book these days so no one really reads books that need a bookmark. Don't get me wrong, I have an e-reader too... but I have yet to actually use it for it's intended purpose. And even if I do convert to reading books electronically, I think I will still read and have real books.

I am sure I have confessed this before, but I am somewhat of a book hoarder. I love books. My dream house will have a library similar to the one Belle had in Beauty and the Beast.

Anyway, I recently put the smack down on my book hoarding and got rid of about three storage bins full of books. Since then, I have also restricted myself from buying new books. I need to read the ones I have and get rid of them before I bring more in. I have been really good about this (as long as you don't count the book I got for a dollar from Friends of the Library. That doesn't really count, though. I didn't pay full price for it and it went to a good cause by supporting my local library!)

Which brings me to the loophole I found in my no buying new books rule. The library! It's genius, really. I get all the books I want, I don't have to pay a penny for them (unless I don't return them on time - which may have happened once or twice), and I'm not allowed to keep them and therefore don't clutter my house/garage by hoarding books I likely wont read because they're in a box buried in the garage waiting for the home library that I will likely never get.

One of the books I checked out happened to have a San Francisco bookmark left in it, which gave me this idea! I will make paint chip bookmarks and tuck them in the books I check out before I return them. How long they will stay tucked in the book before the next reader discovers it? Who will check it out next? Will the person keep the bookmark for their personal use? Or will they leave it tucked in the book for the next reader? The mystery of it all makes me smile.

Ok, on with the project... It wasn't as easy as one would think:

The paint chips have a weird texture. I'm not sure why or how I didn't realize this before, but it's slippery. Therefore, makes stamping impossible. The ink just bled and smeared and didn't stamp right. It was quite disappointing. After this major fail, I went to the original blog, "Bella Carta" and realized I should have used "Stazon" ink. *Sigh* One day I will learn to read the directions before starting a project/recipe!

So I improvized:

My favorite is the blue star fish/shell one. It's simple. Not to mention, that was the punch we used on our wedding invitations, so it's kind of nostalgic. I actually decided to give this one to K. The other two I will leave in books. They're nothing fancy.... I trimmed them down so there was no wording on them, used some punches, and placed a sticker or two. Cute enough.

This little guy is my favorite and I will be keeping for myself!

It's a magnetic bookmark! My mom and I had bought some of these years ago at Barnes and Noble and I loved them! The last one I have is finally seeing the end of it's days so I thought I would try and replicate it on my own. Super simple:
  1. Trim paint chip to about 1 wide and your desired length. Mine is probably about 3-4 inches long. 
  2. In the middle, score/fold a small section to create a gap in the bookmark to make room for the magnets and pages. (See the bottom right image above.)
  3. Embellish as you wish. I still would have preferred some cute and creative stamping. It's totally possible if you wanted to use just card stock. I considered it, but this was the third project I worked on this day and I was kind of over it. So I grabbed a couple stickers and called it cute. 
  4. Stick magnets to back of bookmark.
See? Easy enough, huh?

This fulfills my desire for Random Acts of Kindness (RAK). I know it's not anything mind blowing. And part of a RAK is to give something someone might need and no one really needs a bookmark, but I think it's sweet. It made me smile to find a bookmark in one of the books I got. Who knows, maybe that person didn't leave it there on purpose and just forgot it in there, but they made me smile either way and I was grateful. Hopefully the people that get my bookmarks do the same and don't think something like, "Who left their dumb bookmark in this book?" As they toss it in the trash. :o\

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