Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lucky 2013

I think it's funny how when a new year comes around, people tend to be all motivated to make change. I get it... I am the same way, but in all honesty, people can change no matter what time of year it is! Either way, I am jumping on the New Year band wagon.

I went out to run a couple errands today and I was full - I mean FULL - of rage. It was brutal. People were taking too long, they didn't know how to drive... It was crazy how toxic I was.

The other day, K asked me, "What are you so mad about?" And I couldn't really answer her. I just was. Every. Little. Thing. pissed me off.

So, this evening, I did a little reflecting. I think I get in these funks - sometimes self loathing, sometimes angry, sometimes sad for no reason, you get the point - because there is so much more I want in my life but fail to provide for myself and I have the power to make them all happen. I have no excuse - lack of motivation and self discipline is all it is.

2013. There is always such a stigma around the number 13 that I have always told myself that 13 was my lucky number. If that holds true, 2013 should be my year. Here are a few of the things I want to see happen in my life in 2013, along with a little explanation.

  • Read The Happiness Project. - My sister recommended this book almost two years ago. I finally bought it some time last year, read the first chapter, and put it on the book shelf. I will dust that baby off and dive in. I'm hoping I can get K to read it with me. Might be a good bonding book. 
  • Get organized. - I try to be, I really do. I get motivated and clean house and as long as I stay on top of it, it's easy to maintain. It's amazing how quickly it goes to shit, though. A couple days of laziness and it's suddenly overwhelming again. This month, I will focus on one room a week. Once I get that in order, I will do my best to maintain. Do a little every day.
  • Clear the Clutter. - Our garage is filled with clutter. I got rid of a lot of my stuff when I moved to So Cal but I am a closet book hoarder. I have bins and bins of them. Realistically, I'm not going to read them. I just keep buying new books while the books I've already invested in sit in bins, dusty and unread. My hope was one day to have a library type room in my house, but let's get real... IF we ever have the money to buy a house I doubt it will be big enough to allow for a library. 
  • Get healthy. - It's not even about getting skinny. (Although, skinny would definitely be a welcomed bonus.) I just want to eat healthier. Cut out fast food. Eat carrots instead of cheesy poofs. Have a fruit parfait instead of a drumstick for dessert. Salad instead of PB&J for lunch.
  • Be more active. - I live in a beautiful part of California and while I take advantage of the beach as much as I can, there is so much more to explore! And the weather here permits exploration year round. 
  • Diminish the debt. - This is a constant battle that we just can't seem to win. I want to tackle it this year. I don't expect to be debt free in a year, but I want to make a big enough dent in it where it doesn't feel like we're constantly fighting to keep our heads above water. 
  • Research starting a family. - If we can truly start making some headway on our debt, my hope is that we can get enough ahead that we can seriously consider the possibility of starting a family. I need to look into it more and start talking to people/doctors so we have an idea of how much money we're really looking at and if it is really even an option. (Donations for baby fund welcome. :o)
  • Volunteer. - Sure, I have done the Relay for Life the last two years, but I want to do more. I have often wanted to volunteer in retirement/old people homes. So many of them rarely have visitors and I would love to visit with them - play cards, do a craft, chat over a cup of coffee. When I was a teenager, I would volunteer at the local hospital... maybe I can do that again. Volunteering is food for the soul. I always feel better when I am doing good for someone else. 
  • Find my spirituality. - I'm not really sure what that is, but I would like to get in touch with it and find what's right for me.
  • Be less toxic. - Sure, being catty and judgmental can be fun and bring a good laugh from time to time. But it's bad for you and bad for the people you are judging. For every catty thought I have about someone, I will follow it with something positive about them and I will do my best to not let my catty thoughts become catty remarks.
  • Scrapbook more. - This isn't really a crucial one, but I have sooooo many scrapbooking supplies that just sit in their cubbies collecting dust. Not to mention the memories that I have just waiting to be displayed. I have to remind myself that every page doesn't need to have mind blowing embellishments. Just get the pictures in and do a little journaling to document the memories.
These are just a few things that I want to make happen in 2013. They are all within my control and none of them cost any money (aside from getting out of debt). I think they are all doable and attainable goals. They are all things that I think will feed my soul and fill my happiness tank.

Don't get me wrong, I am not unhappy. In general, I am happy in my life, I just think there are more things I can do that will bring more happiness to my life and make me feel better about myself. Because lets face it, no one enjoys self loathing! 

So here's to 2013 - Oh the possibilities it holds! May we all achieve the goals we set for 2013!!


  1. Sounds like a good plan friend! Can't wait to hear your progress on this list!

    1. I already have a progress update! As you know, I started tackling my book issues. After giving it some serious thought, I would rather give the books to a place that wont re-sell them so I called a local assisted living home. While doing that, I inquired about volunteering. And by inquired, I mean I left a voicemail for the activities director but whatever - it's one step closer than I was! :o)

  2. I get that anger with others pretty frequently during PMS, I try for the most part to handle it but at that time, there's really no controlling how stupid people are. :)
    You should definitely read that book with K! I love doing stuff with people like that, very bonding and gives you guys a little inside thing to talk about. I feel that way with the tv shows my mom and i watch together. lol
    I still think you should read Letter To A Christian Nation.
    I feel like your catty thoughts might just be releasing some steam. Because we know you are a very caring person and wouldn't say..spread rumors about anyone or anything like that. And as long as they are just thoughts.
    I think you and K should rent segways and ride them around the beach and stuff. My mom did when she was on vacay and said it was SO much fun!

  3. Those are awesome goals! And I get the angry thing, I'm the same way. <3

  4. I am kinda glad that I am not alone in the angry department. I felt like such a horrible person and that something was wrong with me. I almost called my therapist. LOL