Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Three Week Journal

I flew up to Sacramento to start my three week training on Sunday. The flight up here was beautiful! When you take off you see beautiful coasts below. I put my head down to read my book and a few minutes later glanced out the window again to see endless ocean beneath me. I returned to my book and read a few more pages and the next time I looked out the window we were flying over incredible mountains. (If I wasn't geographically challenged, I could probably tell you which mountains they were, but we'll just call them the beautiful ones. Haha) After taking in the mountains for a few minutes, I went back to my book yet again. The next time I looked up we were over endless farmland. It was at that very moment that I thought to myself, "What an absolutely beautiful State I live in!" As we started our descent into Sacramento, I watched out the window and realized just how incredibly flat this part of the State is. I am not sure why I didn't realize this when I lived here. Perhaps because where I live now is so hilly I can really tell a difference. Either way, I was filled with gratitude and pride for getting to live in the beautiful State of California.

When I got off the plane in Sacramento, apparently I was let out at the "new" terminal at the airport. I felt lost... almost as if I wasn't really in Sacramento at all. It was a bizarre feeling.

My first night at training was awkward and lonely. The Cadets that are also training here are required to Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening ma'am you. It's pretty crazy and gets old and awkward quick. The first night I was walking around with my head in my phone and I was "Good evening ma'am'd" and it scared the bajeezus out of me! The Cadet felt terrible, but really it wasn't even his fault. I was so uncomfortable in my room all by myself I had to adjust the blinds just so there was a little light coming into the room. Apparently I need a  nightlight. Haha... I am perfectly safe here, but it's just uncomfortable to be somewhere you're not familiar with. I am sure it doesn't help that I am reading a ghost story either.

Day one of training was brutal. A lot of policy stuff that doesn't really pertain to the job, but I s'pose you need to know. I am on day two of training now and it's much more interesting. A lot more info pertaining to the job, which is good and fun. I am learning a lot... not just about the job, but about myself too - even if it is random stuff I am learning.

I am taking notes like I am back in school. As I take notes, I change styles of writing and none of it is neat like it used to be. I used to get compliments on my hand writing all the time. I guess the more dependent we become on electronics, the less I write and therefore my handwriting isn't really a part of me anymore. It's sort of odd when I used to take such pride in it.

Another thing I learned is that I am brutal and often times cruel in my judgement of others. Granted, I may judge people out the gate, but I always give them a chance to prove me wrong. Sometimes my judgements are spot on and others they are off. I recently judged someone that, come to find out, I was pretty off. When I miss the mark like that, I realize how wrong I am to judge anyone and I should really learn to not be so judgmental. Perhaps if I was less judgmental, I would not feel so insecure about myself at times.

I got to see the Doran's last night. It was a short visit, but they were kind enough to let me borrow their truck for the next three weeks so I have a sense of freedom and don't feel so trapped here.

I have lots of prospective plans for the next weeks, but nothing really confirmed. It will be interesting to see who comes through and who doesn't. Tonight I am laying low and having some me time. I will probably hang out with my roomie a little later but will be running out to grab dinner first. The food here is not the best. BUT the endless free fountain soda is pretty freaking rad! LOL

I miss my wife like crazy. I wish she could just be here with me! I hate not being able to talk to her throughout the day and share parts of our days. Instead we have to send each other texts and wait hours for a response. Granted, we can chit chat in the evenings, but it's just not the same. I would prefer I stuffed her my luggage and then stuffed her in my locker when I got here so we could hang out after class. I just keep thinking I still have 2.5 weeks to go! I can't wait till we at least get to the halfway mark and feel like we're on the home stretch of these long three weeks!

In other news, I am bummed an annoyed that the S'mores Brownies and the Not So Skinny Poolside Dip posted on the same day. It was supposed to post one this week and the other one next week so there was a post every week, the goal being to avoid a lull in posts while I was in training. But if I keep up this "Three Week Journal" they will fill the gap.

I feel pretty out of touch because the cell signals around campus are hit or miss and we don't have much access to TV and internet, but with that being said, I will just say I have it MUCH easier than the Cadets do. I have compassion for those folks... I don't know how they do it! I think I have a new found respect for Officers because of what they have to go through.

On that note, I need to go get some more endless free fountain soda and head out to grab a bite to eat. I will be back soon.

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  1. Hahaha!!Omg I totally imagined you getting all startled at the good evening ma'am cause you were looking at your phone and then him feeling bad. lol... That was really nice of the Dorans to let you borrow their truck! Thank you Dorans! =) I'm really glad that your trip was able to start on a good note with the lovely flight.

    I think it's funny how after you don't write for quite a while, you're handwriting isn't the same, and you're just like wtf is this? haha ... I hope you have a cool roomie that will help the time go by fast for you.

    I think it's pretty cool that you used to live pretty much down the street (a ways down haha)from there so you should know your way around a bit. And being separated from the wifey should remind you of the days when you guys first started and got to be all cutesy with each other about how much you miss each other. :)

    I am liking this journal of your training and I can't wait to see you!! =)