Monday, September 10, 2012

Belated Anniversary Getaway

K and I took a spur of the moment getaway to Carlsbad Friday night. We literally decided to go at about 3pm on Friday, booked the hotel, came home, packed a bag and off we went. We justified the trip as a belated anniversary getaway since we didn't do much of anything on our anniversary other than spend the day together. It was much needed and we had a blast. 


We arrived at the hotel and I must admit it was no Hilton, but that's the chance you take when you travel on a budget. K and I made the best of it... We took the sheet off the second bed and laid it over the couch so we could comfortably sit on it and watched a little TV. Then we put towels down on the chairs at the table and played cards till the wee hours of the morning. Periodically I would get an itch or I would let my thoughts run and I would announce to K, "I don't like it here." She'd laugh at me and shake her head but she agreed that it didn't have a very warm feeling. After the initial night, I was settled in and fine with it the rest of our stay.


We started off the day having breakfast at a local spot called "A Little Moore". It was a quaint little joint with good food and good service. I got a chuckle out of the syrup. I don't think I have ever asked for syrup from a restaurant and they brought me a bottle that people usually have in their cupboard. 

After breakfast, we looked for a local Target to pick up a couple things and then headed out to find a beach. 

We found a little local beach right on PCH and set up camp. The sand was so fine and soft it was like powder. I loved it! The waves were rolling in pretty steady, but they weren't huge. I am a chicken when it comes to swimming in the ocean tho so I only went in waste deep. K went in all the way. On the hike back to the car K looked over and saw that awesome view of the marsh with the life guard tower on the other side. I wouldn't mind going back to that beach. Would be good for boogey boarding.

Next up was dinner. I don't have any pictures from dinner, but here's a few shots that we took on our walk to dinner. Beautiful sunset!

I happened to see that there were some factory outlets in Carlsbad and I wanted to check them out. Outlets, IMO, are hit or miss. They claim better prices, but they're not really. If you have the patience, you might be able to find a deal or two. I'm not sure we found those deals, but we did find some goods to take home with us. 
 K found herself an awesome Giants hat. As if we need another Giants hat. LOL 
I found that cute bag that I think screams me. 
I also got a pair of jeans on clearance at The Gap for $15 and a cute top for $6. Those will be my "first day of school" outfit for next week when I start my new job. :o) Maybe I will do an OOTD in the spirit of Ms. Rink.

We both had a great time and came home feeling relaxed and happy. I would say it was much needed by both of us and I am glad we decided to go.


  1. aw glad you had a nice lil get away!

  2. Sounds so relaxing! I'm jealous! And yes, please do an OOTD!!

    1. The OOTD is not going to happen for the following reasons:
      1.) Every pic I looked chunky in.
      2.) There was no one to take the pics so they were all mirror pics which never work out for me.
      3.) By the time I got home where there was someone to take the pic, I no longer felt cute.
      4.) Most of all... it was not cute or funky enough to do an OOTD. Perhaps I can just text you one of the pics I took that I think looked horrible. LOL