Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cross Eyed

Random Thought Alert

On my way to work, sitting in traffic, I was so tired, I felt like my eyes were crossing.

So I began to wonder... why does this happen? And does it really happen? 

Are you so tired that the eyeball muscles relax, no longer able to hold themselves in place and they actually cross? 
Do eyeballs even have muscles? 

Or is it just a sensation you get, but your eyes remain firmly pointed forward?

I am pretty sure they don't stay pointed forward because my vision even gets blurry and skewed. 
Is it even proper to say eyeballs "point" a certain direction?

What do you think? Does that happen to you? Why do you think it happens? And do you think the eyes literally cross? 

Thoughts? Opinions? 
I guess the more important question to be asking here is, am I a hazard to society if I am driving when I am so tired that I believe my eyes are crossing? You don't have to answer this one. It's more of a rhetorical question because the answer doesn't matter. I have to drive, crossing eyes or not.


  1. I never really feel like my eyes are crossing, but when I am tired, I feel like they wonder and can't focus... but they go in the same direction as each other lol. I hate that feeling, it happens at work a lot for me. :) ... And no, I don't think you should be driving like that, where is your monster?

    1. I have to work tonight so I was saving my monster for later.
      How do you *KNOW* your eyes wander in the same direction?! LOL

  2. I don't know about the whole crossing thing, or maybe that's just something certain people feel. I feel like sometimes if i'm really tired my eyes have trouble stuff gets blurry...but i don't think they are crossing. and i'm 80% sure eyes have muscles.

    1. Maybe I just made up that they're crossing. Maybe they just get blurry and out of focus which feels like crossing to me. Idk. Come hang out till the wee hours of the morning and watch my eyeballs to see what they actually do when I think they're crossing. LOL