Saturday, March 3, 2012

Politics Schmolitics

Politics... Yes, I work for the Government and yes, I despise politics. People start talking politics in the office I prefer to exit stage left, but when that's not possible, I tend to just sit quietly and observe. I do the same thing in my every day life.

I have had several people get frustrated at me because I have a somewhat "ignorance is bliss" attitude about politics. I'd rather just live my life. The truth about it is, not matter what I think, or how I feel, The States will be run the way they will be run and there's not much I can do about it besides show up every election day and put my vote down for how I would like things to go.

People say, "if you don't vote, then you don't have the right to complain." ....... I vote. Never mind that the first time I voted was 2004 (I turned 18 in 1996), I was 24 years old, and Bush was up for his second term. I just knew I needed to do my part to try and get Bush out of office. So according to "people", after that, I had a right to complain.

Did I complain? Not much. The worst I did was get excited for the 2008 elections and get excited for the possibilities the next term held.

I LOVE living in a country that allows and promotes freedom of speech. I could not imagine living in a country of oppression. However, I am so tired of our politics and people's opinions of them.

The other day, someone posted a similar photo on Facebook:

The actual picture on Facebook showed the price for gas at the time of the picture (something like $3.89/gallon - never mind that I just paid $4.33/gallon two days ago.)

I am not sure about you, but the last time I remember gas being under $2.00 was sometime in the early stages of Bush's administration, if not before that. I could totally be wrong. I made a feeble attempt to research this on the internet, but in the minute I spent caring, I couldn't find a credible source saying what the actual gas prices were on January 20th, 2009. I admit, I have a terrible memory so I am not saying I am accurate, but I have a hard time believing that gas was as cheap as $1.78 in 2009.

I am SO tired of the well being our Nation being this debacle of a pissing match between the Republicans and the Democrats. I don't give a shit what party is in office, I just want a President (and congress) that truly wants what is best for ALL citizens of the US. We all know right from wrong. It shouldn't matter what age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or social status you are, we should all be treated and taken care of equally.

True, there are those that find the loopholes and take advantage of "the system". I believe that there should be regulations to try and prevent this. However, there are people, our fellow man and woman - our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers - that legitimately need "the system" and we should do what we can to help those people. Provide assistance, training, rehabilitation, to attempt to help those that are less fortunate.

I am getting off subject, here. Lemme reel it back in. The point I wanted to make about Politics and my disdain for it is this: Like I said, we live in a country that we are free to speak our minds and share our opinions, but I believe that these opinions should be shared with caution and, quite possibly, in more private arenas than places like Facebook.

People often post and share "facts" they don't verify before blasting... "Facts" that ultimately end up being more opinion than anything else. Politics are so diluted that it seems, to me, that it's all a bunch of conspiracy theories and it's more like religion than we want to admit.

With Religion, people find what beliefs work for them; what resonates most and what they can relate to. Politics are the same way. You can find 10 different theories on any one subject and choose which ones you want to believe in. I am a firm believer that politics is similar to how I feel about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's relationship. Unless you were physically there in the bedroom with them, no one really knows when their relationship began and whether or not Brad and Angelina began before or after Brad ended things with Jen. Unless you are physically in office with the President, you don't really know what goes on.

Being President must be an incredibly difficult job. A job I certainly wouldn't want to do myself. I do not envy ANY President that has such difficult decisions to make, and egos as big as the entire United States to work with. I think if the President was able to keep the whereabouts of Osama Bin Ladin completely confidential until it was confirmed he was killed, there is a lot more we probably don't know goes on.

My wish, and my reason for blogging this, is for the US Democracy to forget about parties... forget about who is right, and who is wrong... and just focus on what is right for all human kind regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or social status. We are all someone's mother, father, sister or brother and, I don't know about you, but if any one of my family or friends were in need, I would do what I could... and do what is right, to ensure that they are properly cared for.

In addition, I wish people would save their political views for more of a private arena. I get that we are all different, and we all have that right, but I have learned through Facebook (and other public forums) that people I absolutely love and adore, believe in things that are hurtful and offensive to me. That doesn't make them a bad person... It doesn't mean they are wrong or right for what they believe. I would never disown, dislike, or stop loving someone for what they believe, but I could definitely go without knowing that part of them. I think political opinions should be one of those things that, unless you're directly asked, it is best kept to yourself.

Ok, ok... I will get off my soap box. I apologize if I have offended anyone. I do not claim to be politically informed, nor do I even feel educated enough to actually debate politics. It is my choice to live in somewhat of a state of ignorance, but I feel like I am a small, miniscule dot on the grand scheme of things so, getting worked up about things that are WAY beyond my control seem like a waste of my energy.

The few times I have gotten involved, I get so invested that I an literally hurt because of other people's actions, so its easier for me to keep my distance. Is it the right thing to do? I don't really know. But until people get past their egos, a.k.a. - political parties, stop focusing on who's right and start focusing on what's right for all human kind, I prefer to be indifferent. And I prefer to not have to be subjected to everyone's often inaccurate political views and opinions.

:o) Thanks for reading.


  1. Wow serious post alert! ...LOL the Brad and Angelina part is funny especially cause I know you have always defended that no one really knows about them.

    I feel like I also wish we could just do what is right for everyone...but people seem to have very different opinions on what is right for everyone. Like death penalty, contraceptions, and health care. For me I feel like there are obvious things that are right for everyone yet other people feel it is obvious to feel the opposite of my views is right for everyone. It is all very overwhelming and I think kind of rude that we have to live under the rules of people who might have such different view points on everything. I also thing that if people put such personal viewpoints on Facebook, they should be prepared to have people judge them for their opinions and possibly lose friends because things like politics (and religion) are very personal and not everyone agrees on what is right and what is wrong. =/

  2. Yeah Dang seriousness. I agree and keeping discussion about politics private people get so heated about it. And I agree with jenna if ur posting political or super religious stuff on facebook you might get called out or questioned and/or lose friends over it...

  3. Agreed with you both. I also get tired of one political side trying to belittle people that didn't vote their way. There are some posts on FB that are down right insulting and calling people stupid for the way the voted. SMH It's so frustrating.