Monday, March 19, 2012

My "Me" Weekend

Here's what happened.

I kept teasing K that she needed to get me the book, Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult as a pity present because she was leaving for the weekend. I have wanted this book for a couple weeks but couldn't (or wouldn't) justify spending the money on it, but if K got it for me as a gift, per se, the guilt was gone. :o)

Side note: Sure, I could have just gone to the Library or gotten it cheaper at a used book store or Amazon, but a portion of the proceeds benefit the The Trevor Project which is an organization that helps LGBT youth in crisis, so it was important to me to purchase this book new. It was a win-win that way.

Anyway, I kind of had a feeling that K wasn't going to have time to get it for me before she left so I was resolved to not having it to read. I had an electronic version if I was really desperate. I figured it would just force me to get more done.

I was taking K to the airport and she asked me to find something in the car. Naturally, I opened the glove box and THERE WAS MY BOOK!!! But in the background, all I can hear is K yelling, "No! No! No!" So I slammed the glove box shut as fast as I can.

Apparently, that wasn't what K had in mind when she was planning to surprise me with it. I tried to make it better. "Pretend it didn't happen." "Lets rewind the last two minutes and start over." It wasn't working. She was already disappointed that I had ruined her surprise.

Anyway, this surprise book is the exact reason I got maybe two things done this weekend from my To Do list. Well, the book and the rain.

Saturday, I got up and immediately started reading. It was cold and stormy outside. It was perfect (besides that it was missing K.) The cats we cuddled in, flannel sheets were on the bed. It was pure bliss.

K called and said they were going to see The Lorax at 1:15. I told her that if they saw a movie to call me and let me know and I would go see the same movie around the same time. I love going to the movies by myself and this was a fun opportunity to do it, but still have someone to talk about the movie with after (not to mention seeing a movie was on my list). But it was rainy and stormy and wet outside. :o( And I was warm and cozy and engrossed in a good book.:o) So I declined and stayed cuddled in bed.

At about two o'clock my eyelids got heavy and I took a little nap. I love napping, but napping does not love me. I don't know if it is the nap, or the weird dreams I inevitably have when I nap, but nine times out of ten I wake up so grouchy I can't stand myself. The fact that I was grouchy was making me even grouchier so I got up and made a small pot of coffee in the hopes that it would scare my grump away and motivate me to tackle more of my To Do list.

Well, it did take my grumps away, but I still couldn't pull myself out of my book! I just changed locations from the bed to the couch and continued to read.

I didn't even have to chef this weekend. My Sister-in-Law offered to make that yummy Pizza Spaghetti for dinner. A chance to not have to cook and grub on a dinner I know I love?! COUNT ME IN! But that meant Cheffing and Baking (also on my list) was counted out.

So I continued to read, watched a little bad TV and started feeling guilty. Don't get me wrong, I was thoroughly enjoying my me time and was doing what was pretty much number one on my list of what I wanted to do, but my list was SO long. I didn't want to feel cheated when it was all over.

So at about 10 o'clock on Saturday night, I finally put the book down and got out the crafting stuff! Here's a sneak peak... More blogs to come detailing what I crafted. :o)

In my crafting, I did do one other thing that was on my To Do list. I made something that helped me prep a care package I plan on sending out this week.

So the weekend wasn't a total fluke. I only got three of the things on my To Do list done (four if you can count scooping the cat box as "cleaning"), but I enjoyed every second of hanging out with me. :o) That's what really mattered, but I was glad on Sunday at noon when I picked up K from the airport. We ran a couple errands and then headed back home to get under the cuddly covers I so thoroughly enjoyed most of Saturday!


  1. Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend to me! Are you almost done with your book yet? I still really want to try that spaghetti pizza! And yes, I do consider doing the litter box cleaning... hahah it might have something to do with the amount of litter boxes I have to clean but still-it's definitely something! I would also like a book review when you are finished! :)

    1. It's like a 466 page book or something like that. I have maybe a couple hundred pages left. I will definitely do a review when I am done! Thanks for considering cat box scooping to be cleaning even tho I only have one to do. LOL :o)

  2. I'm seeing your craft preview! This is in your honor: