Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Love You.... THIS Much!

I have the honor of being Auntie to my one of best friend's kids and I just adore each and every one of them. B1 is the oldest (obviously) and I love her to pieces. She is sweet and thoughtful in her own right, but let's face it - she's a teenager so those sweet and thoughtful moments aren't as frequent as they once were. :o)

J has a heart of gold. I joke and say it's a reflection of me since I had the most influence in his life. I started baby sitting him at 8 weeks (even dropped him on his head at about 9 weeks. LOL) and stopped watching him when he was about 4. He is sweet, sensitive, and silly!

B2 just turned 7 yesterday. He is goofy and funny and sweet. He is the spitting image of his father (personality and all) and has been a momma's boy since day one. I got to babysit him for a little less than a year of his life. His mom was able to stay home longer with him so I didn't get him as young and I got picked to be a juror on a trial that was expected to go for more than a month so they were kind of forced into finding alternate day care for him. :o(

Anyway, I absolutely adore these boys and I am pretty confident the feeling is mutual. I moved away from them a couple of years ago and it has not easy being so far from them. OK, I am not that far. We're still in the same state, it's just an eight hour drive to get to them now so I don't get to see them and love them as much as I used to. Since I moved, they have been diligent in sending me little reminders that they love me and think of me.

I am not the best at sending them things back in a timely manner, but I still try and make it a point to reward their efforts and send them things from time to time. The things I send them aren't always homemade, but I am pretty sure they are just as stoked to get something (anything) in the mail. What kid doesn't love getting fun stuff in the mail? Heck, I am a fully grown adult and am ecstatic when something other than a bill comes!

Well, it's been my turn to mail them something back for a while. (In fact, they have mailed me birthday cards and those cute fishies since the last time I mailed anything. *Slacker*) I have had a little care package laying around my house waiting for me to mail since my mom was here in February. (I have had the contents of the package since we moved in January.) I was putting it off because I wanted to make them a card to go in it to put a little special touch on it. I saw this card on Pinterest and thought it was something the boys would like and it would be simple enough to make. Obviously, I didn't follow it to the T, but here's my version.

I love those kids as if they were my own. I hope that they always know that - even though I am Auntie Procrastinator and don't always get things to them in a timely manner!


  1. Awww that's so sweet! from the few times I have met the boys, I love their little sweet personalities too! And I love B1! She's a homie. =)

    1. Thanks friend. I will never forget the time B2 seemed some enamored with you!