Thursday, January 12, 2012

Changeable Fruit Basket

I have a candy dish on my desk that a few people know they can usually depend on in their time of Chocolate need. The candy dish just went dry yesterday, and this morning I had one of those few people come over and throw a $5 bill at me which was my clue I needed to restock. I knew I would be heading to Target on lunch.

Like most people this time of year, I have decided to try and start eating healthier, as have some of my co-workers. My friend L sits in the cubicle right next door and we have talked about instead of refilling the candy dish, we should get a fruit basket and keep fruit on my desk. It was clear that foregoing the candy dish all together wasn't really an option.

As I walked into Target, of course, "The Dollar Spot" is the first thing I come to. I think, I bet I can find something to act as a fruit basket in there! They had this cute fake wicker basket with a Valentine's Day themed cloth lining that would have been perfect. It was $2.50 though - as opposed to $1... so what, I'm cheap! Plus, I wanted something that I could either use year round or I could change it up for the Holidays/Seasons. Then I found these cheap white plastic baskets that came in a two pack.

I picked them up and assessed them. If I get these, I can decorate them as I see fit, I can change the decorations as I see fit, they're only $1 and the other one was $2.50, and I get two of them. SOLD.

I continued to look around for a fabric of some sort that I could just line the basket with. Nothing was jumping out at me. They had socks, but I would have had to buy 10 pairs just to have enough fabric to cover it, and I don't have a needle and thread at work... and even if I did, I don't know how to sew... Sooooo, the socks wont work.

Aha! I found a pack of scrapbook paper that had 12 different pieces in it for a buck. I could work with that! SOLD!

I got back to work and after reviewing my receipt realized the baskets were actually $2.50, but decided it was still a bargain so I started crafting away. It's certainly not my best work, but I think it's pretty cute considering what I had to work with.

Basket(s): $2.50

Paper: $1.00

Free Choice: Priceless


  1. Awww, i love it!! Nice job killing work time with your project. :)

    1. Thanks! The boss is out and I had a little down time, so I thought I would use it wisely!