Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bringing in the New Year

I haven't really gone out and "celebrated" New Years for quite a while. There always seems to be unnecessary drama that happens when you go out. Plus I would rather be safe at home with my family than driving home with all the drunks at 1 o'clock in the morning!

K and I usually like to bring in the new year doing something creative. Last year we did this amazing thing called a Bagua. It is more or less a Feng Shui map of the energies:

We saw an article in a magazine that turned this into an art project. We thought what a GREAT project to be working on for the new year. We will be focused on things we want in our lives and be putting energy out to the universe asking for those things in 2011. Here is our finished product:

It currently hangs above our bed. Some of it accomplished, most of it still left to be desired. We will leave it till we have it all!

That was the 2011 New Year. (Sadly, I can't really remember what we did for the 2010 New Year.)

This year, neither one of us have been feeling very festive and K woke up New Years Eve feeling terrible. So we never really made it to a craft store to find our creative supplies. We did go to Bed, Bath, & Beyond though and while we were there being overwhelmed by the endless possibilities of home gadgets and decor, we came across these Friendship Bracelet kits on clearance for like $2.

*Side trip* I used to love making these when I was a kid. My mean and torturous older sister learned how to do a new style bracelet and I wanted so bad to know how to make it. For weeks, maybe even months, I would ask her and she would tell me she couldn't show me because it was an ancient Chinese secret. I think it's hysterical looking back on it, but it was pure torture at the time.

Anyway, back on track. We grabbed a couple of those kits and headed to the cashier.

When we got home, I wasn't really feeling the friendship bracelets and could tell K wasn't really into it either. I bought a bunch of yarn before Christmas with the intent of crocheting some Christmas gifts and never really got around to it. I had seen this scarf on no where other than Pinterest and I really liked the stitch so I thought I would give it a try.

Here is the end result:

I will let you go to Jen Ozcan's blog for detailed directions. It's a beautiful stitch and would make an amazingly warm blanket.

So that was my creativity for welcoming in 2012. K made an attempt to get into the creativity a few minutes before midnight by cutting up all the orange and black string to make Giants bracelets. She finished about an inch of bracelet, which I think half of it was from me showing her how to do it. LOL Like I said, we just weren't feeling in the spirit this year.

I had to chuckle because someone posted something of Facebook about how you know you're old when you're spending New Year's Eve on Facebook playing Words with Friends. I just thought... how "old" does that make me then, if I am spending New Year's Eve crocheting a scarf? LOL

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  1. LOL... I love it, and I wanted to go to sleep around like 7 but stayed up just because I felt bad. And I love the friendship bracelet kit! I saw one at Target for $10 and really wanted to get it! I think it came with a little gadget thing so you wouldnt have to do the braiding or whatever yourself. But I still wanted it. And I love the scarf crochet! Very nice!