Friday, December 9, 2011

Move Over Me, There's a New Justify-er in Town!!

The other day, I was emailing with my good friend Teenah about my struggles with crafting lately. (That's a different blog, another day.) Anyway, here's how the emails went: 

Teenah: Maybe you just need a break [from crafting]…: )

Me:  I thought I had a break since I didn't do any crafting over Thanksgiving. Maybe I need more of a break, but I fear that if I don't craft or do something productive with my time, I will hate myself more than I already do. :o|  (If you don't know this already, I'm very dramatic!)

Teenah: Nooooooooooo…sometimes the break taking, and doing nothing but vegging out on the couch is technically productive because really there is only so long that you can do that before you’re like I WANT. no NEED to organize that closet, or that drawer, or that storage space : ) so you’re gearing yourself up for projects by doing nothing hahaha

Me: You are toooooo much with justifying the taking break thing. I think perhaps we have a new "The Justify-er" on our hands. I just might have to blog it. LOL 

Later in the conversation, we were talking about how you spend all this time working on a craft and then when it doesn't turn out absolutely perfect, it's frustrating. 

Me:  I guess who cares how it turns out if I am enjoying myself while I do it.

Teenah:  Oh I’m the same way too.  if it doesn’t turn out perfect I throw a fit.  But I’m just enjoying trying new things…you should blame the craft not yourself : )

And that ladies and gentlemen is why there's a new Justify-er in town! She took justifying to a whole new level when talking about how taking a break and vegging on the couch is actually productive because it's gearing me up to be motivated. 

No wonder we are such good friends. She is my hero. 

(Formerly known as "The Justify-er")


  1. I love it... and I love both of youuu!!

  2. Hmph I didn't agree that you could post what I wrote in those emails...I might let it slide this time since you called me your hero...

  3. Jenna -- We love you too! Well, I do... I cant speak for Teenah! :oP

    Teenah -- I warned you I was going to blog it. Since you didn't protest at the time, I figured it was an unspoken agreement! :o)