Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

I had five and a half days off for Thanksgiving. My intent was to get a TON of crafting done, however, that didn't happen. I got ZERO crafting done. But it was a fun weekend, none the less.

We kicked it off Tuesday night with VIP Tickets to go see Katy Perry that my AWESOME sister-in-law scored tickets for us. We had seats in a suite that came with free food and get this -- FREE BEER! WOOHOO!!! We had a great time and it was truly the cheapest, most fun date night we have ever had. Only out of pocket cost was the tip we gave the valet guy. Oh, and the gas it cost us to get there, but it was A LOT of fun and much needed!

Thursday was Thanksgiving (obviously!) and was a great day. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it's the one holiday you get together with family, relax, eat, play games, and there's no expectations. It's also my favorite holiday this time of year because it's a low-key holiday for us. It was just the three of us and our three cats. We cooked two birds and a full spread. It was fantastic!

Saturday we went to San Clemente for "Putting on the Glitz". I guess it's an annual event, but it was our first time. They close the streets and the stores are open for browsing and there's Christmas festivities - Caroling, Santa, carriage rides, train rides, hot chocolate, candy canes, etc. It was a good time. Plus San Clemente is one of my favorite places down here. It was one of the first beaches K took me to when I came down to visit her before I moved here. It's beautiful.

We headed down a little early to catch the sunset

One of these, is not like the other! I'd be pissed if my neighbor painted their house that color!!!

Gorgeous. Where the day ends and the night begins!

Sunday began the huge task of Christmas decorating! We go all out for Christmas in our house. It looks like Santa puked Christmas in our house. The first year I lived down here we had some absurd number of five trees in our tiny two bedroom apartment. We don't have that many trees anymore, but it's still a lot of Christmas.

These are new this year. We found them at Walgreens of all places, but I LOVE them.

One of our trees. We still have to put on the ornaments.

OH! I forgot about these little guys. I cant really qualify it as crafting, but I saw a lantern Christmas decoration on Pinterest and we had some lanterns left over from our wedding that I was going to do this with. K didn't really want me to paint the lanterns so they will stay white but putting the balls inside is a cute touch.

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