Friday, November 18, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

I used to consciously make an effort to do a Random Act of Kindness at least once a week. My favorite one to do was when having to pay a toll on a bridge, I would pay for the car behind me.(I have an AWESOME story about this, but that will be for another blog) Other times it was just little things I would try to do on the spot... help a little old lady at the grocery store, buy a friend lunch or a coffee, leave a candy bar for a co-worker. They weren't big, but often... it's the little things that matter the most.

Recently, I have been wanting to get back on the Random Act of Kindness train again. I have felt discouraged though because when I did it in the past, I was making twice as much money as I am now so I had more ways to do things. I really want to get back to doing things, but am struggling with thrifty ideas.

Leaving food for someone is not really feasible unless it's for people you know and you're willing to identify where it came from. I read somewhere that this lady would "doorbell ditch" people and then leave Ding Dongs on their porch. Even if it was comepletely wrapped and in the box, I myself, would feel weird eating it. So that's out.

I could craft things easily, but how do I know what the stranger might like?? I guess if I found a craft on my door I would just smile and be grateful. If it was absolutely hideous, I might pay it forward and just leave it for someone else. Soooo that's an option.

I saw on Pinterest where people wrote messages to newlyweds on rocks and then put them in a vase for them to reflect on through their marriage. I thought it would be pretty easy (and mostly free) to do something similar as a Random Act of Kindness... write inspiring messages on a rock and leave them for people to find.

Another blog I read was that you could do something as simple as sending a friend or family member a nice hand written note. Not a bad idea since most of the stuff that comes for us in the mail these days are bills and junk. It would definitely bring a smile to someone's face to get something special for once.

You can also send a Holiday/Thank You card to the Red Cross that they can give to a soldier.

Mailing Address:
Holiday Mail For Heroes
P.O. Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

So, this is my inspiration right now. Find ways to do Random Acts of Kindness for next to nothing cost. I challenge you to do the same. Not just because it's the Holidays, but do it every day. Make it a part of your every day life.

Please feel free to share ideas and join in on the fun!

Take what you need and leave the rest behind.
They could use it to write their own inspirational messages.

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  1. I always loooooved at work when you randomly surprised me with hot chocolate when you guys went on break. And when everyone was getting nasty breakfast pizza for admin appreciation day, you got me a doughnut cause you knew I hated breakfast pizza... you're pretty good with things like that!!! =)