Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Justify-er

K took me to work this morning... we got there a little early so we had a few minutes to kill. While sitting there talking with her, I was watching this lady across the parking lot get out of her car and get something out of her trunk... and well, she waved. And so, I waved back.

K: Did she just wave?
Me: Yep
K: Do you know her?
Me: Nope
K: Huh.....
Me: Maybe she thought I was staring.
K: Oh, maybe
Me: There's a difference between staring and watching. I was watching.
K: Hahaha You can justify anything! You could justify your way out of a paperbag! Instead of "the negotiator" you're "the justify-er".

LMAO!!! Oh, how right she is!!!

When she said the negotiator, the "Priceline negotiator" jingle went into my head... all day at work, I have replayed this story in my head and every time I sing, "Priceline Justify-er". Clearly, the priceline part doesn't really make sense with justify-er, but let me justify why we can make it work. gets the best prices on hotels and travel accommodations, right? Well, why not have a website - called People are always needing to justify things they do or things they say... They could come to "Price-line just-i-fy-er" in search of the best justification that I could provide for them.

Trust me, I would be good at this. I have years of experience and was trained by the best - my mom. K even said that it can be exhausting when my mom and I both get going on something. Hahaha. Thanks, Mom... for giving me the skill of justification!

Much love,
The Justify-er


  1. LMAO! I love it! I do that a lot with clothes!

  2. Ha! That's should add the title of justifyer to your email signature :)