Thursday, October 27, 2011

Random Thoughts

I am an Aquarius and I am random. Or at least my brain is. People are sometimes baffled and confused by the random things that come out of my mouth.

I often start conversations in my head and then try to bring the people I am with into them half way through as if they were in my head with me the whole time.My wife knows this about me so when I do it, she will back me up and make me share the first half of the conversation with her. When I do this to people that aren't familiar with my disorder, it creates a very confusing and sometimes frustrating conversation.

My head is a trip. I tell people if they had any idea the things that went on in my head, they would be amazed that I manage to get myself out of the house. My thoughts are extreme...

Example: My wife and I are sitting on our patio the other day (side note: we live on the third floor) and she notices that our blinds are moving. My head immediately went to - EARTHQUAKE!!! Then I had these visions of the balcony cracking off in the earthquake and both of us trying to get in the house before we go smashing to the ground. In my head, my wife makes it in the house, but me? I end up having to jump for my life into the house, missing the door way and end up hanging from the door frame doing my best not to go plummeting to the ground. 

See? Extreme. There was not an earthquake and we both got back into the house safely.

I do this ALL the time. We almost get into a car accident and in my head we're all dead and parrishing in flames because the cars exploded on impact. I have a stomach pain... I must be dying and will have to go into emergency surgery and spend an undisclosed amount of time in the hospital getting myself back to health. Extreme. Always.

Anyway, I also have less extreme just random thoughts. They are SO random, that sometimes they even leave me wondering where the hell it came from. Tracking my thoughts back to their originating source is fun, but can be even more baffling and sometimes even a little frightening.

Here are some examples of my random thoughts:

I like to be able to watch my food cook.
I wonder if drive thru workers have a high suicide rate because they feel like they are getting yelled at all day.
I think we should all have iPod shuffles installed inside of us. 

Strangely, I cant really think of any of my other random thoughts at the moment, but I typically like to share these random thoughts with people. Usually it's my good friend Ms. Rink. She enjoys them, but knows I dont share as many thoughts with her as I have. She has encouraged me to get a Twitter account to share these thoughts, and ultimately told me to blog them.

So here is my first Random Thought blog... and new thought to share:

I wish my hands/the skin on my hands were super industrial and I didn't need hot pads to get things out of the oven.


  1. Friend! Your extreme thinking sounds kind of like paranoia! But it was hilarious and played out in my head like a thriller movie! I also have extreme thoughts that I feel are so dumb, like if I died, my mom would have to do the cats by herself every single night. So... I can't die. lol... I love your random thoughts and hella remember when you tried to say the thing about the drive through workers but coulnt because you were laughing so hard at your own thoughts lol!

  2. LMAO! I was totally thinking about that story as I shared about the drive through people. I thought about blogging it, but it was a TOTAL you had to be there story.
    Aren't our minds interesting they way they work and the things they think? I like how I give my mind it's own separate identity... Like they're not my own thoughts I'm having they're my head's thoughts. Perhaps I should give my head a separate name to make it easier to identify exactly who's thought it was.

  3. You totally should give your head a different name!! LOL